Can seniors be techies, too? Can they have a digital lifestyle and be digitally connected just like the rest of humankind? Will playing video games help them improve their memory? You better believe it!

The recently concluded two-day Silver IT Fest 2015 held at Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic proved that empowering our senior citizens will help them conquer their fear of gadgets, make them understand that infocomm is for everyone, and that a healthier mind is not impossible to achieve.

The Silver IT Fest is an annual event organised by IDA to give seniors (50 years and older) an opportunity to get exposed to the digital lifestyle. Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, announced at the opening of the Silver IT Fest that twenty-five (25) senior activity centres will soon have access to different types of technology to help seniors with mental and physical exercises. The technology will come in the form of a tablet, a senior-friendly application or a robot, and will also include activities to boost their memory.

Neeuro was one of several companies featured during the Silver IT Fest, where its headgear, paired with with its mobile app, Memorie, stood out as it challenged attendees with their cognitive skills. Wearing the headgear, while playing the Copter game, for instance, made them concentrate well so that the helicopter can be flown with only their thoughts. In the process, the player trains his brain to focus.

Neeuro has other brain training exercises that will help improve five cognitive functions such as attention, memory, multi-tasking, decision-making, and spatial skills.

So, for instance, a player’s brain skills performance is computed from his action (behaviour and game) and brain wave scores.  The brain waves, picked up by the Neeuro EEG headgear, will measure the player’s activities, showing real improvements as well as specific areas he needs to work on.

In other words, what Neeuro is coming up is a whole brain training solution for people to have healthier minds and lead a more meaningful and active lifestyle even into the later stage in life.

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