It’s been a tremendous journey, and we’re happy to announce some very good news about the SenzeBand! Also, there is a good news for all our Memorie supporters and customers!

We currently have the first 200 units of SenzeBand ready and are now preparing to ship them out. Every package will include a SenzeBand, a quick guide on the operational details of the device, as well as a micro-USB cable for charging your Senzeband. Give us a couple of days to get the logistics organized; in the meantime, please ensure your address is up-to-date.

Next up, we will assemble a larger volume by the first week of September. Conversely, we will fulfill all Indiegogo orders and more and will proceed with shipping them right after.

SenzeBand Brainwave Sensor Carry Cases

With these carry cases, you don’t have to worry about handling problems for your SenzeBand. The carry case is water-resistant and protects your SenzeBand from dust and accidental scratches.

These carry cases will be ready with the next production batch and will be shipped out together.


App Update

We are excited to share with everyone that the Memorie app is getting ready to go on Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore. Likewise, the app will be launched together with the first delivery of the modern brainwave sensors.

Additionally, we are offering 3 different user plans in Memorie: Guest, Basic and Premium. Whether or not you have purchased our brainwave sensor, you are welcome to download Memorie onto your mobile device. Currently, Memorie will only be available to download on tablet devices. Most importantly, the mobile phone version will be made available soon.

Guest users will have 5 games available to play, although they will not be able to access the SenzeBand features in Memorie.

A Basic account will be given to users who sign up on Memorie. In this plan, 10 games will be available. Users will have access to the brainwave sensor’s features in Memorie, and may use a friend’s SenzeBand to try these games and features out.

Brainwave Sensor and Memorie App

Premium users will have access to all game content in Memorie, including the current 15 games as well as future game updates. Every purchase of our brainwave sensor allows an upgrade of a Basic account to a Premium account. While Memorie’s games strengthen the minds of the elderlies, they are as well effective brain games for kids.

Hence, we thank you for all of your feedback. As a team, we consider all your suggestions as we want to serve you better. We will be sending more updates in the coming weeks as we roll out more production and deliveries.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us. Sincerely, we thank you for all your support and understanding. For now, to find out more about the SenzeBand and Memorie, click on the banner below!


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