It’s Time to Reduce Workplace Stress

Have you ever wondered why physical education (P.E.) classes were introduced in schools? It was a way to relax the student’s mind and also to keep the body active. As a kid, I used to wait for my P.E. classes. Simply put, to take a break from the classroom routine. In the college where I graduated from, there was a place for us to play, eat, and have fun. Now, Why am I saying this?

Schools and colleges had a place for students to destress. I am sure most of you would agree to me on this: Do we have something like this at our workplace?

Stress is even more at the workplace where you don’t stick to an 8-hour work schedule like it was during your school or college. Sometimes, work goes like crazy, demanding even a 12-hour schedule. So, it becomes mandatory for the management to implement measures to blow off the steam.

How could you make sure stress doesn’t affect the employee’s productivity and health?

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Reduce Workplace Stress Tip #1: Be Flexible

Being flexible to suit your employee’s seldom requirements could have a positive influence in the work environment. It is an important card when it comes to employee retention and gaining their trust.

So, in what ways could you be flexible to reduce workplace stress?
  • Flexi-time: At times, when an employee can’t adhere to the timings, flexibility could be administered to work in their preferred schedules as long as the quality and the deadlines are met. This would boost employee morale and profitability.
  • Remote-working: Being offered the right to work from a remote location would be an immense help. The organization where I worked offered a remote-working option on days of emergency or inaccessibility. Trust me, this trend would make them comfortable while assuring productivity.
  • Peace Room: Research showed that 80% of hostile workers prefer a nap or a quick break to alleviate stress. That organization had arranged for a “peace room” where we could rest our eyes for a few minutes amidst a busy schedule.

Reduce Workplace Stress Tip #2: Create a Healthy and a Fun Work Environment

Games are an irrevocable stress-buster. Some companies even use a TT table as a means for gaming.

Sports is also a good work out for the brain. It improves your focus and gets you competitive, which are desired qualities in a work environment. Have something like a a “Fun Friday” theme, where we had enjoyable and team-building activities in the evening as a way to bring about bonding between the co-workers. These are little things but can have a significant impact on your co-workers or employees.

A person who lacks personal hygiene experiences more stress than normal. Promote a healthy workplace by offering nutritional snacks replacing the junk ones. A healthy lifestyle also increases the efficiency in their work. Encourage exercise by subsidizing gym memberships or having a yoga instructor brought in once a week or two.

Reduce Workplace Stress Tip #3: Recognition System

Every employee craves recognition for their work. So, compliment every good work they do, as it boosts their confidence and the trust they have in themselves.

Stress at workplace, which affects you both mentally and physically, has now become a critical factor for major health issues around the world. It is even termed as “ill of the 21st century”. It is therefore, imperative that as an employer, you implement relief measures to the employees as they are your asset in generating productivity and achieving growth.

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