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  1. Galini’s Premium login gives access to all the different Listen, Breathe and Move exercises.
  2. Achieve relaxation and mindfulness with the ability to choose from a variety of customisable Listen, Breathe and Move exercises.
  3. Reach the three measures of wellness in Galini; Relaxation, Mindfulness and Mood using scientifically proven techniques.
  4. In-application visuals like calming sceneries help to reach ideal relaxation faster.
  5. Better balance your mind and body with controlled breathing techniques and imaginary aroma.
  6. Control your mind well and regulate your focus through the integration of specially designed movements and interactions.
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Prices are in USD, with the exception of purchases made in Singapore (in which prices are in SGD)

1. Additional Premium User Login for Galini ( Premium gives access to all Listen, Breathe and Move exercises )

Upon purchase of an Additional Premium User Login, you will receive an email on how to activate your Premium account within 3 working days.

Download Galini on your mobile device from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

*Relaxation, Attention, and Mindfulness measurements require the use of Neeuro’s SenzeBand.

SenzeBand is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy)
App is compatible with mobile phones and tablets.
Apple: iPhone 5 and higher, iPad 3 gen. and higher, running iOS 8 and above.
Android: Leading Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.

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