A child’s formative years are critical for parents and teachers as their brains are still developing and their psychosocial, and physical developments are also molded in these early years. However, every child has his/her own learning style which creates a misconception about the child’s ability to grasp information. Others think the child cannot understand the lesson but in reality, they just have their unique method of absorbing information.

Pre-school learning doesn’t have to be complicated for parents and teachers. Technological advancements have allowed parents and teachers to craft specific teaching tools for every type of learner. Boosting a pre-schooler’s interest is a challenge but it can be overcome by producing pre-school learning games, learning activities, or even pre-school learning videos!

Learning Videos for Kindergartens

These are videos that are carefully produced to enhance brain, skills, and social development during the early learning stages of children. It’s fun to watch and targets all types of learners at the same time! Determine the right pre-school learning video for your child from the list below:

Spatial Pre-school Learning Videos for Visual Learners

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Children who tend to grasp more information through visuals should be exposed to pre-school learning videos that have good graphics and tell stories through images. It will also help develop the right part of the brain which is active for visual learners.

Verbal Pre-school Learning Videos for Auditory Learners

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Children that can easily recall or remember things they read or hear are auditory learners. Meaning, they tend to grasp better when things are explained well verbally. Videos that require listening and reading skills are what your kids should be watching if they are auditory learners.

Movement Pre-School Learning Videos for Kinesthetic Learners

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Children who learn through task execution, physical activities, or by trying things out, need videos that will guide them to perform step-by-step processes until they finish a task or successfully create an object.

Does Pre-school Learning Have to be Complicated?

Choosing the best learning tool for your children doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have more than one child, you can rely on educational learning videos for them – even if they have different learning styles! You can use pre-school learning videos under specific categories such as:

  1. Learning videos of animals – These videos are perfect for visual and auditory learners as they have to watch and listen intently to learn more about the different wildlife.
  2. Aviary Camp (Exploring zoos or aquariums) – perfect for all kinds of learners, such visual tours will catch pre-schoolers’ eyes, making them listen more or carefully read the names of animals, or mimic the animals’ movement for kinesthetic learners!
  3. Museum Video Tours – is awesome for children as they can pretend to be real tourists – asking questions about each other, pretending to walk, choosing which exhibit to look at, or even listening about the history of a masterpiece. Cool, right?
  4. City Video Tours – adults are a huge fan of traveling but children can be exposed to these tours too! City virtual tours will help them talk about which alley to turn to, what area they should visit, and discuss what they learn after to see if they remember anything from these video tours.

These pre-school learning activity videos and virtual tours do not just entertain young learners, they will also help develop their cognitive skills, for assessing what they see, their memory for remembering places, animals, or objects, and concentration skills (you might want to do a discussion after the video to test this!).

Pre-school learning activities have never been this interesting and it’s not impossible to let children learn through them especially when it’s paired with enthusiastic support from parents and pre-school teachers. Now that’s 21st-century pre-school learning!

Pre-school Learning Games and Activities Can Be Played Digitally

Memorie is one of the most popular pre-school supplemental learning apps today. It gives the players feedback while doing brain training through engaging games that are designed to exercise various cognitive skills.

Apart from helping students’ improve memory, Memorie also trains students’ attention through games such as Psychic Cyclist, Sushi Recall, and Multitask Master.  With these brain stimulation games, challenge your pre-school students and test their skills in attention, memory, multi-tasking, spatial and decision making.

After completing each game level, get a fuller understanding of their performance through the Neeuro Learning Matrix. It provides a concise analysis of behavioral and mental stages while training the brain with Memorie games.

aWhat are the Best Brain Exercises for Learning?

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