Excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity. These best describe the feelings that countless visitors had when Neeuro, a dynamic and forward looking company pioneering in neuroscience research and development using both neurotechnology and gamification, successfully introduced its products at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Smart Nation Innovations 2015 on April 21-25, 2015.

At the Founders Forum on April 21st at Raffles Hotel, Neeuro CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Alvin Chan presented to a select audience the new wearable technology for a healthier mind. The goal of this high-tech wearable is to capture brain activities and signals as the user plays the Memorie game, an app also developed by the company.  The various specific tasks of the Memorie game trains the brain of the user and makes it sharper, leading to an active and healthy mind. The headgear and the mobile app are results of a two-year R&D by neuroscientists and engineers.

Neeuro was chosen one of Top Five for the Smart Nation Challenge, thus the company was invited to present in the esteemed Founders Forum, represented by Dr. Alvin Chan. Neeuro was the only company representing the healthcare sector.

Part of the invitation to join the IDA Smart Nation is to showcase products and services. Neeuro exhibited in the Forum and its booth was visited by various industry leaders and media.

On April 22, at the Smart Nation Innovations Conference at Hotel Fort Canning, Neeuro again was one of the Tech Alley exhibitors. Its booth attracted executives, industry leaders, and media, curious about Neeuro’s products that exercise the brain for a healthier mind.

IDA Chairman Ms. Yong Ying-I, together with the other IDA Board Members, dropped by Neeuro’s booth and watched the demo for the headgear and the Memorie game app. Photo below shows Ms Yong Ying-I with Neeuro management team headed by Founder Eddie Chau & CEO Dr. Alvin Chan. With them were IDA Board Members listening to them discuss the importance of brain training.

Among those who visited the booth and tried on the headgear and the Memorie game were Ms. Liz Ong, Business Development Lead of AU & International Operations of E27, Tom Lytton-Dickie, Hot Topics Founding Editor. At another instance, Graymatics Marketing and Business Development head Rachita Kumar tried the Neeuro headgear and Memorie game and realized the importance of focus and utmost attention. Two characteristics of a healthy mind.

Many other executives dropped by and talked to the Neeuro team and tried on the headgear and the Memorie game. One of the last who did was Daniel Zagyva of Lynx Analytics, who said he enjoyed the Memorie game.

On Saturday, April 25th, Neeuro once again participated in the Tech Saturday at the Suntec Plaza which was open to the public. Children, their parents, and senior citizens eagerly tried on the headgear and played with the Memorie games, and listened attentively to Neeuro officers on how important brain training is. Minister for Communications and Information Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim visited Neeuro’s booth and was happy to note that the wearable technology may indeed be able to address the increasing problem of dementia not just in Singapore but globally.

Attendance for Tech Saturday reached around 10,000 visitors, a welcome crowd, excitedly trying on the different gadgets each booth had. Neeuro was one of the booths with the most number of visitors.

It was a wonderful opportunity for Neeuro to introduce its upcoming wearable technology, the EEG Headgear, and the mobile game app, Memorie, through the IDA Smart Nation Innovations events. The good reception of the expo visitors who tried the products verified their importance in the healthcare and technology industries. Most of them eagerly await as Neeuro formally launches its products through Indiegogo very soon.

More photos and stories, including mentions, are posted on Neeuro’s Facebook Page. View them here.

Again, thank you to IDA Smart Nation Innovations 2015 for hosting such events. They give opportunities to the tech companies to converge, network, and share their innovative products that challenge the industry to come up with solutions to achieve a truly smart nation.

And as Neeuro firmly believes, we need to exercise our brains for a healthier mind, and aim to build a smarter nation.

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