A high-technology brain training headgear that exercises your brain is being showcased in CommunicAsia, currently ongoing now at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore until June 5, 2015. CommunicAsia is the 26th International Communications and Technology Exhibition & Conference where the latest innovative technologies are unveiled. It is held concurrently with EnterpriseIT2015 and BroadcastAsia2015.

Neeuro developed this wearable headgear, and is founded by a team of respected technopreneurs and neuroscientists, pioneering advanced research and development works. This headgear is one of the first EEG-based brain training solutions especially for consumers of all ages. One of the hosts of CommunicAsia, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), invited Neeuro to exhibit at the IDA Booth to highlight Smart Healthcare, as the product addresses ongoing concerns about the rise in dementia cases worldwide.

Neeuro CTO Dr. Kian Bee Ng and Chief Software Architect Sie Piau Pang test the headgear at the Neeuro booth at CommunicAsia 2015.

When paired with a gaming app called Memorie, the non-invasive headgear, designed with four front EEG sensors and two reference electrodes, accurately read the brain’s cognitive signals. Continuous use strengthens memory and other cognitive functions for a better brain performance.

On June 3, Neeuro CEO Dr. Alvin Chan and CTO Dr. Kian Bee Ng did a product demonstration during the Ministerial Forum, with the theme “Enriching Lives for a Smart Nation,” congruent to IDA’s “Many Smart Ideas, One Smart Nation.”

Neeuro will be launching its brain training wearable products via Indiegogo very soon. For more information on how neurotechnology and gamification exercise your brain for a healthier mind, visit IDA Booth BD2-01 until June 5, or please log on & subscribe to neeuro.com.

(photo credits: CommunicAsia2015)



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