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NeeuroFIT Home is an instructor-led enrichment programme for fitter brains in 60 minutes a day, done at home.

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Fitter Brains in just 60 minutes a day!

NeeuroFIT Home* consists of 3 progressive courses that use carefully selected brain games that train cognitive skills such as attention, memory, decision-making, spatial skills, and mental flexibility.

The programme lets your child play fun, engaging, educational games to ensure that they achieve maximum gains in learning abilities.

*NeeuroFIT Home is only available for Indian residents at the moment and will soon be available worldwide. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities for your country, talk to us!

NeeuroFIT Home Foundation Course
NeeuroFIT Home Developmental Course
NeeuroFIT Home Holistic Course
NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Children

Why Choose NeeuroFIT Home?

Your child will be trained in 5 key cognitive functions focusing on 21st century skills needed in everyday life, especially in school.

A good memory can help your child improve storing and retrieving information when thinking, comprehending, and problem-solving. When attention spans are developed, they can easily concentrate on important concepts in class.

Aside from memory and attention, their abilities to understand, reason, and remember the spatial relations among objects or space may also be improved. This cognitive flexibility can transfer to their skills in riding a bicycle, understanding location information, exercising, and even playing sports!

Most importantly, the program has been designed to enhance the student’s decision-making abilities when organising relevant information and outlining alternatives. It also challenges their mental flexibility so they can learn how to efficiently shift attention between one task and another.

How NeeuroFIT Home Works

Cognitive Training with Memorie Genius

NeeuroFIT Home provides children access to world-class brain training solutions via Neeuro’s Memorie Genius app.

The games in the Memorie Genius app were developed in collaboration with neuroscientists and are backed by years of scientific research done with Singapore’s premier research agency, A*STAR.

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A Fun and Beneficial Experience to your Children

In the programme, your child will undergo 24 guided sessions of fun and engaging brain training games and activities powered by Memorie Genius, where each 60-minute session runs twice a week for 12 weeks via the Zoom app.

Parents have found NeeuroFIT Home to be a useful tool in helping their children cope with the new normal environment by engaging them in productive and fun activities. With this, their children can now focus better, learn faster, and avoid careless mistakes, helping them to perform better in their academics.

Progress Monitoring

With NeeuroFIT Home, your children can progress their cognitive capabilities from handling simple to complex scenarios and develop a good habit of practice to apply cognitive abilities!

Parents will receive 3 assessment reports throughout the programme to monitor the progress of their child: Pre-training assessment, Mid-training assessment, and Post-training assessment.

The child, on the other hand, will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of each course!

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How good is the NeeuroFIT Home programme? See what parents and children!

Ritu and Lavanya Madaan

NeeuroFIT Home Testimonial

“I saw a post on Facebook and then I registered at Neeuro Cognitive training. Initially, I thought how through games we can develop the cognitive skills but to my surprise, Neeuro games are so different from other games.

I started to see certain behavior changes with my child with respect to her focus on doing her school tasks and the time she takes to complete each task.

Lavanya’s learning skills improved a lot which also reflected in her academics scores and as a parent, I am so happy to see my child does well in her daily activities.

Lavanya really enjoyed your lessons and I think you are one of the best teachers that she has encountered. You are not only able to keep the class in order but also able to grasp your students’ attention and maintain it. On a personal level, I feel that you are a responsible, dedicated and caring teacher.

Thank you so much for teaching fun learning games and improving kids’ thinking skills.”

Swarupa and Shreyes

NeeuroFIT Home Testimonial

“My name is Swwarupa & I’m the mother of Shreyes who is 7 years old. He participated in the 12 days hourly classes conducted by the Master Trainer Sudharson on behalf of Neeuro.

He missed about 4 classes because as a child his priority was outside play, friends & going to meet Grandparents.

What I observed as a parent was that his focus & concentration improved. The frequency of getting bored in daily life reduced, he was willing to sit to learn mathematics & other subjects. I’m willing to enrol Shreyes in another session of classes & I recommend it for other children.

He loved the way Sudharson Uncle used to give instructions, motivate & make him play various games on the app especially sushi recalls which was kind of tough for him.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How is NeeuroFIT Home different from those offered in the market?
Our solution enables children to develop their cognitive functions while staying at home through fun and engaging games developed by Neeuro together with neuroscientists. When your child enrolls for NeeuroFIT Home, they not only get to play games and achieve good games scores, they will also be trained to hone specific cognitive skills through repetition and goal setting. Parents are also kept informed on their child’s progress.
How long til I see the results?
The results differ from person to person. Intensity and consistency of training matters, and whether the games are being played properly is another factor. Typically, at least 15 hours of training is required before improvement can be seen. That is why students are encouraged to progress to the rest of the courses under NeeuroFIT Home to fully benefit from the programme. As cognitive skills such as focus, memory, decision-making, visual-spatial skills and responsiveness serve as the basis of a child’s mental capabilities, continuous brain training to improve these functions could lead to better academic performance as the child learns skills for a higher attention span, reducing careless mistakes, and making decisions.
If my child misses a session, can he still make up for this?
We encourage the child to attend each session as activities are different between sessions. However, should the absence be inevitable, there is a recap segment in each session wherein the child trains on the game from the previous session. It is important though that the child does not miss 2 consecutive sessions. The parent should inform the trainer ahead of the session if the child will be absent for that day.
I’m concerned about screen time, will my child get addicted to the games or will they be required to play all the time?
While sustained training is encouraged, for this programme, the game play is limited to the actual sessions since we want the child to go through the proper training.
Once I select a NeeuroFIT Home schedule, am I able to shift this due to unforeseen reasons?
It is advisable that the child continues with the original schedule selected, however, should this really be a challenge, please contact Neeuro or its partner immediately so re-arrangements could be made.
What are cognitive functions and what cognitive functions do you focus on?
Cognitive functions are the ways in which our brain operates. From sensory perception (your face senses), logic, and decision making, all the way to emotional self – regulation. For children, the key cognitive functions needed for school would be their ability to think, learn, and remember. We provide training games for attention, memory, decision making, spatial and cognitive flexibility. There are many other types, for example, motor skills, language, anticipation, the theory of mind, inhibition, and emotional self-regulation.
How will I know that my child has improved in his mental skills and not just got better at the game?
At NeeuroFIT Home, we make sure that the child will not only be able to clear levels, but also improve in their cognitive abilities. Throughout the course, your child will be assessed. Assessment will be done at Levels 1, 3, and 5, wherein the progress of their cognitive abilities will be monitored, that is, will they be able to do better at a particular skill.

The NeeuroFIT Home Foundation Course is Now Available!

A structured curriculum will help to unleash children’s brain potential while training from their homes.

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