NeeuroDEV Software Development Kit

NeeuroDEV is an essential SDK for developers and researchers.

Develop applications together with Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology.

Explore the wonders of the human mind.

Go Above and Beyond With Neurotechnology


NeeuroDEV offers neurotechnology that extends beyond hospitals and research facilities, giving developers and professionals the opportunity to access affordable brainwave technology and integrate it with their own applications for the purpose of research, monitoring brain waves and improving brain health.

Digital Brain Health has become the next revolution in technology. The growing question – how can we build new methods to keep the human mind smarter, sharper, and healthier?

In order to harness great opportunities for brain enhancement, the need for easier access to BCI and neurofeedback comes into play.

NeeuroDEV Software Development Kit

Perfect for researchers and developers

NeeuroDEV gives you the tools to freely build BCI applications that suit your needs. Be it for brain health enhancement, research, or your latest project, NeeuroDEV gets you on board with the latest in brainwave technology.

State-of-the-art EEG Sensors

Our SDK integrates SenzeBand, a safe and non-invasive brainwave sensor, to let you monitor and make use of EEG signals together with your application. SenzeBand is accurate, affordable, and convenient for consumer usage. 

Build creations that can help the community

As a social enterprise, we encourage projects that help communities live better lives. Be in the sphere of digital brain health and make the newest discoveries on the most complex organ in our body: the human brain.

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Read Brainwave Signals with SenzeBand

SDK Packages

Speak to us to learn more about NeeuroDEV:

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