Neeuro, a dynamic and forward looking company pioneering in neuroscience research and development using both neurotechnology and gamification, will soon be launching innovative products for healthier minds.

The Product for Healthier Minds

Its pioneering EEG Headgear, a high-technology wearable that captures brain activities and signals, is a result of two years of research and development by neuroscientists and engineers.  Together with the headgear is a gaming app called Memorie, which contains various entertaining games suited for all ages which exercises your brain for a healthier mind.

Memorie adapts and challenges you, the user, to train your brain by following specific tasks and apply these attained skills to your daily activities. Continuous use of the headgear and the app will keep your mind active and healthy.  More information about the Headgear and Memorie can be seen here.

You, too, can be part of the community aiming for a healthier mind when Neeuro launches soon.

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