Singapore, 6th November 2017 – Singapore-based brainwave technology firm, Neeuro, has announced that their products are now available for the European markets, with the aid of TITAN Commerce, an experienced and leading German Neuro- and Biofeedback distributor.

TITAN’s e-commerce platform, MindTecStore., is now featuring Neeuro’s products for consumers. Neeuro’s main device, SenzeBand, is a brainwave sensor that detects and measures a user’s mental states of attention, relaxation, and mental workload. It pairs together with Neeuro’s brain training apps like Memorie. Memorie is an app that hosts various games that train skills like attention, memory, decision making, spatial awareness, and cognitive flexibility.

With the help of TITAN Commerce, Neeuro is also reaching out to therapists and clinicians in Europe who are looking at neurofeedback to understand their patients or clients.

Neeuro's SenzeBand and Memorie

Neeuro’s SenzeBand and Memorie, a neurofeedback solution for the public, therapists, and clinicians

Neurofeedback for a Healthier Mind

Neurofeedback is a type of computer-based biofeedback that helps individuals regulate their brain waves. When a patient undergoes digital game exercises that stimulate cognitive skills like attention and memory, therapists are able to follow the patient’s brain activity and use the feedback to further assist in improving his skills involved and overall mental wellness.

With Neeuro’s online web portal, therapists are able to track and monitor the brainwave data and cognitive improvements of each of their patients, understanding where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and even benchmarking results against similar demographics.

Sample report

Sample reports that therapists can access on Neeuro’s web portal to track a patient’s progress

Neeuro’s solutions provide therapists and everyday consumers with a new and accurate method of learning more about the mind. Brainwave technology and neurofeedback are increasingly being explored as methods for improving mental health, and with TITAN Commerce collaborating with Neeuro, Neeuro looks forward to reaching European markets and increasing the awareness of the importance of brain fitness.

To be an authorised distributor for Neeuro, email Neeuro at

About Neeuro

Founded in 2013, Neeuro is a leading brain technology platform that focuses on empowering people to live happier and healthier lives through neurotechnology and gamification. Developed in collaboration with national research institutes, Neeuro’s products and services focus on digital brain health and education technology to help people of all ages to optimise their brain’s potential. Neeuro currently serves over 50 countries and has also implemented brain fitness programmes and services in community centres and educational institutions, among others. Neeuro has won several awards, with one of the latest being Champion for Regional Best Practice in the World Summit Awards (SEA) 2016 under the United Nations framework. For more information about Neeuro, visit their website at

TITAN Commerce

Titan Commerce Continental Services (GmbH) is a business with years of experience in marketing foreign products in European markets. Their experienced team consists of sales, marketing and logistics experts to help and advice businesses by analyzing the market, building a retailer network, developing sales and marketing strategies so other businesses can quickly cover all customer needs and problems.


MindTecStore was founded in 2012 in Germany and is an e-commerce platform of TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH. Over the time, MindTecStore has grown to become one of the leading reseller stores for brain-computer interface (BCI), biofeedback and wearables technology in Europe and offers a wide variety of bio- and neurofeedback products for the consumer market.

Neeuro works globally with partners such as training providers, technology system integrators and schools to benefit children. Using modern solutions for cognitive training, cognitive skills such as attention and memory are emphasized and honed. NeeuroFIT aims to improve every child’s academic success via better learning outcomes.

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