The consumer-friendly EEG headband paired with a neuroscience-designed game app allows users to train their brains for a healthier mind. The EEG headband wearable will be FREE via Indiegogo.

SINGAPORE (March 7, 2016) – Neeuro, a company focusing on neurotechnology and gamification, is launching its high-tech wearable today via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. 

After more than two years of extensive research led by data scientist, Co-founder and Neeuro CEO Dr. Alvin Chan, together with game specialists and neuroscientists, Neeuro’s non-invasive and safe mind stimulation wearable solution that trains our cognitive skills  will be offered at up to 80% OFF the retail price, with the EEG headband for free, as part of the company’s advocacy for mind wellness for everyone. 

The high tech wearable, Neeuro SenzeBand, is equipped with an electroencephalogram (EEG) capability that can read the user’s brainwaves, which when paired with the Neeuro Memorie game app, is able to track the user’s cognitive skills and give feedback through its patented Neeuro Learning Matrix (NLM). 

There are over 15 neuroscience-designed games in Neeuro Memorie that is able to exercise the brain with the use of the SenzeBand.  Neeuro utilizes EEG to get the users engaged in the games, as the players need to use their mind to activate and play, a distinct feature not found in other similar applications. 

The Neeuro solution trains the brain to improve cognitive functions such as memory, attention, decision making, multi-tasking and spatial skills. A better memory helps you to remember things like names and faces in everyday life. Better attention helps you focus: to get things done and to ignore distractions. Research shows that proper active brain training will improve and slow down cognitive decline for both young and seniors. 

For the Indiegogo campaign ( Neeuro is offering the Neeuro SenzeBand for free, which will retail at US$299. The Neeuro Memorie game app will retail at US$149, for a total of US$448. The entire brain training wearable solution will be offered on Indiegogo starting at just US$89, or as much as 80% savings. 

Neeuro Founder and Chairman Eddie Chau, a serial technopreneur, said that “we at Neeuro believe in inclusivity, in a healthier mind, and by making our brain training wearable solution affordable to everyone, we also pave the way toward mind wellness. We are also inspired by U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s Mental Health Care Awareness Campaign. She said that ‘our mental health seriously affects our physical health. So there should be no stigma around mental health, none at all.’ That is so true.”

Neeuro is a social enterprise and a member of Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise “raiSE” (, as it  resolves to aid seniors, care centers, communities and health service providers with brain training through its mind wellness products. 

Neeuro has been included as one of the startups to watch out for, and in 2015, was recognized by the Singapore Infocomm Technology Innovation (SiTF) for Best Innovative Startup (Early Stage) during the SiTF Awards, and by APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) for Startup Category in the APICTA Awards.

View the Indiegogo campaign here: 

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