Neeuro CEO Dr. Alvin Chan was invited to share his knowledge to about 50 TEDx’ers from various countries last July 3 for TEDx Weekend Singapore, a global gathering of TEDx’ers.

TEDx HQ and TEDx Singapore organized the TEDx Weekend Singapore to bring TEDx’ers together for knowledge sharing, cultural activities from workshop sessions, talks and tours, socializing and exchanging ideas, and most specifically, to showcase Singapore as a place of ideas and innovation.

To learn the history and future of high technology entrepreneurship in Singapore, Launchpad, a well-known Singapore start-up complex which houses entrepreneurs, incubators and investors, and ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurs), an organization promoting entrepreneurship, were invited by TEDx to curate and present exciting speakers to the a group of TEDx’ers, most of them first-timers in Singapore.

Neeuro CEO Dr. Chan was more than happy then to share to the relatively young and eager crowd, what the start-up is all about, expounding on the importance of brain exercises for a healthier mind, and at the same time excitedly revealing that the company is launching its products via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo on July 14.

Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, industries, and businesses, the audience attentively listened to the short presentation highlighting Neeuro’s brainwave headgear which is paired with Memorie, a gaming app with over 20 fun games. The concept of neurotechnology and gamification, which is the main thrust of Neeuro, sparked interest among the crowd and brought on a lively discussion thereafter during the open forum.

Dr. Alvin Chan considered it an honour to have been part of the TEDx Weekend Singapore, and hoped that his brief talk to the TEDx’ers will somehow inspire ideas and action for a better future for all – which is the core belief of TEDx: Ideas Worth Spreading.

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