The Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore recently held the TP Infotech Day 2016, its annual event organized by the School of Informatics & IT included brain training wearables. For this year, the theme touched on All ‘Bout Security & Forensics Seminar, Big Data & Smart Solutions Seminar and the IT Project Show.

Temasek students check out Neeuro registration booth

Temasek students check out Neeuro registration booth

Speakers invited came from various experts in the field of information and technology, cybersecurity and Singapore’s Smart Programme Office, where topics ranged from “Avoiding a Digital Pearl Harbor,” “Combating Drug Crimes Using Digital Forensics,” to Neeuro’s comprehensive talk on “How Neurotechnology is Changing the World.”

Kelly Choo, Neeuro Chief Marketing Officer, discussed the different types of neurotechnology and how these are applied in various institutions for face detection, security, and even emotion tracking and image recognition. The Neural Interface EEG Brain-to-computer interface is something that is most anticipated since EEG is the safest and most feasible practice to execute and implement brain to brain interfaces. It is portable, non-invasive, and extremely affordable compared to other methods.

Neeuro CMO Kelly Choo speaks at the TP Infotech Day 2016

Studies say that properly designed video games may, in fact, be a good brain training tool. Neeuro has then combined both neurotechnology and gamification to come up with an innovative mind wellness product for a healthier mind. The Neeuro SenzeBand is an EEG-based wearable with sensors which monitors brain waves and gives feedback during gameplay. Neeuro Memorie games, available on mobile phones, are neuroscience-designed and aims to improve one’s cognitive skills: attention, multi-tasking, memory, decision-making and spatial skills.

Why does brain fitness matter? Research has shown that brain training keeps elderly mental decline at bay, Adults who have monitored brain training will improve much more than the younger ones who do not exert any effort to strengthen the mind. Watch this animation video which clearly explains the science behind brain training.

Neeuro has 
rolled out a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to speed up production and get this groundbreaking device to market. It exceeded its funding goal of more than 100% in a week and continues to pique people’s curiosity on this high-tech wearable with games.

It is indeed a smart idea to create an affordable wearable for consumers who are aware of the importance of not just a healthy body but also a healthier mind.

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