Singapore, 15th May 2018 – Neeuro is pleased to announce its collaboration with Brain Fitness Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to helping people strengthen their brain capabilities through efficient brain training. Together, they intend to raise joint awareness of offline programmes in the area of dementia. These educational activities and curriculums range in their relation to dementia, such as senior care, prevention, cognitive improvements, brain training and cognitive assessments.

The Brain Fitness Centre is scheduled to start operation in early December 2018 and aims to establish their Brain Specialty Brand both in Korea and internationally. The idea came about after Mr Sam Jeon, CEO and Co-Founder of Brain Fitness, went through a serious memory loss about 4-5 years ago. Mr Jeon overcame this fearful experience by studying the brain and came across brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to change and adapt throughout life. His hard work paid off, and he recovered from the memory loss and shared, “From this experience, I grew determined to help those with similar symptoms and developed a one-on-one brain training program.”

With the end goal of deployment of Brain Fitness Centres in Korea, Neeuro’s products, programmes and services will be sold and used by Brain Fitness. One such programme is NeeuroFIT, a course designed to engage cognitive skills of seniors through scientific brain training games and tactile learning.

Dr. Alvin Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Neeuro, explains, “We will utilize Neeuro’s brainwave sensor, SenzeBand, to allow users to detect and keep track of their levels of focus and attention in order to produce accurate analytics and data of their progress.”

Neeuro and Brain Fitness hope that this collaboration will benefit people of all ages and background, bolstering their brain capacities to the fullest for happy, healthy lives.

About Brain Fitness Co. Ltd.  

Brain Fitness is a center dedicated to helping people live their fullest valuable life with their brain operating actively and efficiently. Established in 2017 after three years of preparations, Brain Fitness aims to set up the centers nationwide and globally where people can take the most efficient brain training. Brain Fitness also aspires to establish the foremost brain specialty brand both in Korea and internationally.

About Neeuro

Founded in 2013, Neeuro is a leading brain technology platform that focuses on empowering people to live happier and healthier lives through neurotechnology and gamification. Developed in collaboration with national research institutes, Neeuro’s products and services focus on digital brain health and education technology to help people of all ages to optimize their brain’s potential. Neeuro currently serves over 50 countries and has also implemented brain fitness programmes and services in community centers and educational institutions, among others. Neeuro has won several awards, with one of the latest being Most Promising Start-up at the China Daily Innovations Award 2017. Neeuro was also included in the TransTech 200 annual list, along with the big brands like Google and Apple.

Neeuro works globally with partners such as training providers, technology system integrators and schools to benefit children. Using modern solutions for cognitive training, cognitive skills such as attention and memory are emphasized and honed. NeeuroFIT aims to improve every child’s academic success via better learning outcomes.

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