Advocating brain training through Brain Training Apps and Wearables is what Neeuro is all about.

The health of the elderly in Singapore, for instance, has been at the forefront as studies have shown that one out of ten people above 60 has dementia, a chronic disorder marked by memory loss.

Channel News Asia, in this article published recently, Caregivers of Elderly, states that a study of the well-being of the elderly in Singapore show significant increase in dementia cases, with caregivers of these elderly also getting more distressed as much as three times more than caregivers taking care of non-dementia patients, as nine out of 10 people with dementia needed care most of the time.

On a more positive note, an extensive study published in the Lancet Medical Journal reinforces the belief of the Neeuro team that proper guidance on mental health can slow down or prevent deterioration of cognitive functions. This includes regular exercise, eating healthy, and most importantly, monitored brain training exercises. An article about this study was written in various publications including Channel News Asia and Science Daily, as seen here.

Brain Training Apps for Everyone

Not only is brain training recommended for the elderly. Even the children, especially those with attention issues, may undergo a regular brain training regimen to improve their cognitive functions. As seen in this article by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, young children with attention and academic problems were subjected to brain training tests through brain games and in the course of 10 weeks, the training enabled the children to significantly improve in school.

With the regular use of the Neeuro headgear, which captures brain activities and signals, paired with the Neeuro Memorie app, these brain training exercises measure these five cognitive functions: attention, memory, multi-tasking, decision-making, and spatial skills. The results are evaluated and analyzed and a recommended training program will be given to the user.

Brain Training Apps Neeuro

It is then hoped that dementia cases will decrease, children will do much better in school, and our elderly loved ones will continue to have sharpened memories.

We do need, after all, to exercise our brain for a healthier mind.

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