Let us take this opportunity to encourage men to seek necessary healthcare and advice. Men’s health difficulties can go unnoticed or neglected—hence the importance of Men’s Health Awareness Month intended to foster awareness of and conversation about men’s health issues. Here are interesting data to know about Men’s Health (courtesy of the World Health Organization):

  1. Men are less likely to seek healthcare than women
  2. Prostate Cancer affects 1 in 9 men
  3. Mental Health is one of the most stigmatized issues affecting men

This month, let us promote better lifestyle choices to help improve Men’s physical health and also their mental health. Collectively, we all seek to achieve a productive life full of happy and shared memories. By consciously putting efforts into improving our mental health, we certainly maintain a healthy body and a healthier mind, whatever gender, for ourselves, or for our loved ones.


Using Neurofeedback Solutions to Help Improve Men’s Health

To those men who are not used to tracking their mind’s data, it may be time to consider neurofeedback solutions to help manage emotional stress, especially the prevalence of mental health issues around the world today.

Stress reduction is essential in maintaining health and well-being since chronic stress is a silent killer. Not only can it lead to serious psychological risks, but it is also a danger to our bodies. Neurofeedback solutions provide users with brain insights that can help them be mindful in managing stress. An example is Neeuro’s Galini Stress Management solution.

Galini is a stress management app, carefully tailored to provide one with optimal relaxation and mindfulness. When supplemented with a SenzeBand, Neeuro’s revolutionary headband capable of measuring and tracking one’s attention, focus, mental workload, and relaxation levels.

Galini App

Galini actively responds to the user’s unique EEG signals to ensure that individual elements in your exercises adapt accordingly to achieve the best results for you. In the journey of helping improve Men’s Mental Health, start using neurofeedback solutions on your path to better relaxation and mindfulness, and be on your way to successfully deal with anxiety and depression.


Take control of your mental health using neurofeedback solutions and achieve the sense of peace and clarity of mind that you have been looking for! Click the banner below to learn more!



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