Having a good memory is an advantage. Recalling happy memories, things to buy, people you met, and experiences you had is indeed a great treasure that you don’t want to lose. Are there secrets to having a good memory? The truth is that the tricks to having a good memory already exist! It’s true that genetics have a lot to do as to why some people seem to have better memory as they age as compared to others.

However, all of us can train to have a good memory with the help of memory boosters. Memory boosters are in the form of food, supplements, daily activities people already do, or even games! But, is it really necessary to pay attention to memory boosters/activities? If you’re still not convinced, here are some key points to consider.

How Memory Boosters Help Students and Professionals

Memory Booster Games and Activities
Memory boosters are not here to make you panic! It should be thought of as a way of improving one’s quality of life. Being forgetful is not healthy for you, your loved ones, and work. Forgetting dates, plans, your keys, homework, or someone you met is embarrassing, isn’t it?

Memory boosters will greatly help any student and professional in enhancing their performance. A good memory helps professionals in mastering new processes, prioritizing projects, and being more alert in presentations. Having a sharp memory is advantageous in many ways to anyone.

Students are not exempted from needing a good memory as they are often tasked with various projects, homework, and activities. Such tasks can become overwhelming and make them forget some of them. Being busy, stressed, and lack of sleep can affect one’s memory. This is when having or taking a memory booster can help – whether students, adults, and even seniors!

Help Sharpen Your Mind With These Memory Booster Activities:

Eating Healthily

Feeding your body with proper foods will greatly support your brain’s continuous development as you age. Eating dark-tinted vegetables, fruits, fish, peanuts, and supplements derived from fish oil, ginkgo Biloba, and other herbs have shown to reduce cognitive decline and risks of dementia.

Memory Booster Games and Activities

Workout Activities

Doing a workout not only supports the physique but the brain too, by producing new capillaries and brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) which aids the brain to grow new connections/cells.

Memory Booster Games and Activities

Proper Sleep

It is scientifically proven that having a good night’s sleep can sustain your procedural memory. This helps you remember how to do daily activities and processes at work or in school.

aMemory Booster Games and Activities

Games for Good Memory

aMemory Booster Games and Activities

Engaging in traditional mind games such as chess, scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, board games, sudoku, and even fun ones like charades are helpful in exercising your brain. These traditional games have been here for centuries but their significance in brain development remains constant.

You can also try digital games such as Neeuro’s Memorie App which is a set of enjoyable, learning games that let you pass time productively and at the same time, enhance your cognitive skills. It is also designed with attractive graphics to help you relax since relaxing is also a natural memory-booster. 

Download and try the memory booster app curated by neuroscientists, research experts, and educational professionals:

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