Eddie Chau, he Team founder and Chairman of the Neeuro Team, is a serial entrepreneur, who shuttles from one commitment to another, covering several meetings, calls and interviews, and yet maintains his friendly demeanour, smiling and inspiring colleagues.

And he credits all these to his proper mental well-being.

Before Eddie, turned 50, he felt his memory might be deteriorating, as he could not remember certain people he met. This alarmed him. He had loved ones and friends who had cognitive impairment issues and he certainly did not want this to happen to him. On the other hand, he also saw some parents requiring their children to go for brain training sessions conducted at tutorial centers to improve their memory.. It wasn’t then just a possible senior-related issue but could also affect the young.

As with most people, he wanted to be both physically and mentally healthy. He was regularly exercising, had started eating healthily, but did he need to do more than that, this time for a healthy mind?

This was when Eddie did his own research on brain training, and put together a team of neuro scientists and game/science technologists to look further into it. A brain gym product perhaps, which can help maintain & improve one’s mental functions. Something non-intrusive, easy to use, fun and did not require use of drugs. Consultations were conducted, and more than two years ago, Neeuro was founded.

Eddie was more than willing to be the first recipient of the series of tests that the Neeuro team conducted, realising that our brain had to be consciously and constantly stimulated, stretched, used, and maximised to keep the mind fit and healthy. The team has come up with the Neeuro headgear that interprets brain signals, and a game application called Memorie which exercises the brain using their proprietary algorithm that measures the brain and its behaviours, guided by these five cognitive skills: memory, attention span, spatial skills, multi-tasking and decision making skills.

Today, aside from being Neeuro’s Chairman, he can be seen on Channel News Asia’s reality TV show “Start-up” (http://startup.channelnewsasia.com/) as one of three judges, inspiring budding entrepreneurs who may or may not join Eddie in his adventures.

And Eddie is the most eager to launch Neeuro via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo very soon, knowing full well that giving people, from the young to the seniors, the opportunity to explore brain training through neurotechnology which seeks solutions for a healthier mind, can be both enjoyable and rewarding!

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