When you’re providing for a person in need, you put their welfare above your own. Putting yourself and your needs aside can often make you feel overwhelmed or stressed. That’s why it’s important to remember that you can’t give from an empty cup. Taking care of this stress can allow you to better take care of others. Letting it bottle up can have negative long-term effects on your body.

Stress triggers the acute “fight or flight” response which releases hormones and chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline. Furthermore, this natural reaction is a useful tool allowing our bodies to react to dangerous or high-pressure situations. An example is, a mother gaining the strength to lift a car. However, when this occurs too often in day-to-day situations, like work or our home lives it’s called chronic stress and this is where the problems can start.

Left unchecked, chronic stress and the build up of these chemicals and hormones can lead unwanted things. Examples are high blood pressure, weight gain, a weakened immune system and high cholesterol. Notably, frequent high levels of cortisol can interfere with your memory and learning. Stress has such a powerful effect. Conversely, studies have shown that it can impact babies in the womb, such as contribute higher risk of premature birth.

To us, learning to cope and handle daily stress is important long-term. Galini, Neeuro’s newest Measurable Relaxation and Stress Management Solution does just this. It’s special because it uses Neeuro’s Senzeband to connect with the app to track data in real time, giving a tailored relaxation experience. Then, the user can track their attention and relaxation state to receive tangible data. This data can then be compared, to see actual results using 3 different methods. of relaxing: Listening, Breathing and Moving.

Galini’s Breathing Exercises to Avoid Stress


The Breathing exercises use scientifically documented and researched techniques to stimulate parts of the brain. It modulates the mind and body, as well as bring about a deep sense of peace to the whole person. Single breathing sessions have been proven to have immediate effects in cardiovascular respiratory functions, as well as emotional health.

By design, our bodies release toxins through breathing. If not done properly, you could be placing more stress on your other organs who have to remove these toxins themselves. Some of the breathing techniques you can use to help this include:


1. Modulation of the Inhalation/Exhalation Ratio

Stress Modulation Breathing

This study has found that deep, slow breathing where the inhalation is much shorter than the exhalation time can naturally decrease systolic blood pressure. It also decreases the heart rate as well as stimulates part of the autonomic nervous system.


2. Left Nostril Breathing Technique

Stress Breathing Exercise 1

Breathing solely through your left nostril activates the right-side brain. As an effect, this regulates your body rhythm and increase calmness. By using this breathing technique you’re reducing the heart rate and blood pressure, therefore reducing stress.


3. Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

Stress Breathing Exercise 2

This techniques is also known as Nadi-shodana. This involves slow, deep, rhythmic breathing in alternate nostrils and a single 20-minute session has shown immediate effects. This study showed a significant decline in heart rate and blood pressure as well as improvement in simple problem solving skills, showing better brain function.

Using some of these techniques daily will help you to become better equipped to deal with stress. Hence, these techniques will help combating the negative effects on the body.

Proper regular breathing induces a stress-free state of mind, releases tension and leads to better emotional management and improvement in mindfulness. Mindfulness is, by Galini’s definition, high relaxation and high attention to help train your own state of mind and behaviour. Using the Senzeband helps users measure this in the Galini app and get personal data and feedback. It helps you track progress and see how it’s working for you so that you can start taking care of yourself too.

If it’s time to start filling up your cup and taking care of yourself. After that, you can take care of others! Learn more about Galini and Neeuro and how it can aid in better relaxation.


Learn more about Galini and Neeuro on our website and see how we can aid in your better relaxation by clicking the banner below!

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