Software Engineer

Job Opening_Software Engineer

Job Description

Neeuro is inviting a Software Engineer to join us and empower society to overcome life’s brain health challenges. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, independent and adaptable; to be responsible for new business and market developments in the region.

You will also need to have the means to develop and innovate solutions that meet the objectives of the business. You have the ability to identify future challenges and be open to move in new directions.


  • Develop Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) software solutions
  • Develop and maintain library code to control proprietary EEG (brain signal) sensor wearable device
  • Implement to deploy library code on Android, iOS and Windows
  • Versatile, cross-support in other product development need
  • Support in innovation, develop experimental features for prototype solutions
  • Work closely with other team members, including Hardware and Systems Engineer, Project Manager, App Designer, App Developer, Research Scientist, etc.


  • Minimum 2-year professional development experience working on Android, iOS platforms
  • Knowledge of Windows development
  • Experience with developing software for embedded systems
  • Some experience with developing software with wireless communication
  • Competent in C#, Java, Objective C, C++
  • Some experience using MATLAB, data modeling or machine learning tools
  • Versatile and broad knowledge of IT and computing
  • Keen to explore, use, and create new technology


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