Learning can be fun and challenging at the same time so we ask the question, ‘How to learn fast for exams’? Moreover, it can be a bit more challenging when it’s your midterms or finals. When we are reviewing, it often makes us think why someone who did not stay up all night for the exam aced it.

There are several factors to consider on how to learn fast for exams and others may have seen to ‘crack’ the code. Of course, it’s not as easy as 1,2,3 and in this article, we will guide you on how to nail that exam without exhausting yourself.


How to learn fast for exams? Sleep Well.

The first advice on how to learn fast for exams is to sleep well. There are certain studies done where students who studied the whole day with a break got lower scores than students who studied in the early evening, slept on time, and woke up early to review again. Sleep is essential to our brain cells so you need to have enough rest when studying.

How to learn fast for exams using this technique? Students often think they have to study until the wee hours of the night but our brain functions start to slow down when it’s around 9PM. It is suggested that you sleep from 9PM to 3AM to let the oxygen in your brain circulate better. When you study late at night, tendencies of forgetting what you read is high. But, when you have enough sleep to retain everything, you will get more chances on nailing an exam.


How to learn fast for exams? Going Traditional with Notes.

Modern technology has taught us to make almost everything faster. We see that most students, especially in the US, use a laptop to jot down notes. How to learn fast for exams using this technique? An article posted by HuffPost, it has been proven that writing by hand actually improves your memory better than your laptops or tablets. Jotting down notes by hand retains better memory of the lesson than when typing in a laptop because we are allowed to create our own notes without restrictions. It’s like planning your key to correction copy inside your head.

Writing in a paper will let you draw unlimited charts, arrows, columns, or just words that can interrelate with each other. You may type faster in a laptop but you cannot follow everything your teacher says. But, when you write on your notebook on how to learn fast for exams? You can come up with shortcuts that you can fairly comprehend and remember at the same time.

How to learn fast for exams using these shortcuts? Think about it as painting an abstract and you are the only one who can decipher its meaningfully. Going traditional in a world of advanced technology is always a good choice.


How to learn fast for exams? Clear up your mind.

The second advice on how to learn fast for exams is to clear your mind. If you can’t seem to focus, try to take a 15-minute exercise routine. It is proven that clearing up your mind before studying will help you grasp information better. Taking a short walk or jog, riding a bike or a few minutes, or doing some sit-ups will not only be good for your body but your mind as well.

How to learn fast for exams by clearing your mind? Keep in mind that our brain can only retain an ample amount of data on its short term memory. So start to focus by keeping yourself physically and mentally fit for better comprehension and memory retention.


How to learn fast for exams? Think out loud.

The third advice on how to learn fast for exams is to think out loud. Memorization is a tricky part especially when you often join declamation or speech choir contests. Imagine memorizing a 4-page poem by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Bells, it seems hard right? But one key in memorizing is to say it out loud because it increases the frequency of learning compared to quiet memorization. Reading aloud or memorizing aloud is a key to retaining information better rather than reading in silence.


How to learn fast for exams? Use Mnemonics.

The fourth advice on how to learn fast for exams is to use mnemonics. In many studies, an adult can only keep limited knowledge in his short-term memory. Everyone is familiar with acronyms but are you aware that it’s a totally amazing way to learn? Mnemonic device is simply listing down keywords and remembering their first letter.

How to learn fast for exams using this mnemonics? It has been proven to gain retention compared to just studying the words itself. It’s like creating a shortcut for you to choose from in an exam. Think about the rainbow colors- when we were kids, we are taught that the rainbow color arrangement is ROY G BIV. Effective, isn’t it?


How to learn fast for exams? Reward yourself!

The fifth advice on how to learn fast for exams is to reward yourself. You may still be studying but when you start to work, rewards play a huge impact on an employee’s performance. Rewards can come in many ways but as a student, you can give it to yourself right away! Rewarding yourself can increase memory information. And when your brain is happy because of it, it will take and keep information well. Rewards can be monetary or other material things. You can try to eat something you love or like before an exam or review so as to keep your brain happy and inspired.


How to learn fast for exams? Drink Plenty of Water.

The last advice on how to learn fast for exams is to drink plenty of water. Water is proven to keep your body in shape not just during physical activities but mental activities as well. As water keeps you hydrated, this also means your brain is in shape for learning. Water helps improve overall mental processing, learning, and thinking. So whenever taking an exam, always keep yourself refreshed and hydrated with H2O.


Brain Training for Memory Retention: The Secret on How to learn fast for exams

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You may think that this is an app with games which can be totally boring when finished but, Neeuro memory app games evolves per type and is fit to not make your brain feel “robotic”- robotic in a way that it’s used in doing the same thing for the longest time. A lot of parents and teachers use brain training as an ADHD treatment.

How to learn fast for exams using brain training? The Memorie App has games which are patterned to traditional memory tests, making it non-repetitive and a good source of increasing fluid intelligence or the ability to handle problems quickly that enhances your memory, focus, and skills needed to earn that A+ in your exam. Combine the above tips and download the Memorie App in Google Play Store to hit those A+ scores now!


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