It is the time of the year when people pull up their anti anxiety medication list and look for ways of dealing with anxiety. A lot of us ask the question How to get rid of anxiety or how to control anxiety (if there’s even a term). But, do you really have to get the best supplements or medications for anxiety?

Just a few days before Christmas and most of us probably still have to contend with many holiday chores. Some of us are already feeling the holiday blues, or pulling our hair out and crying! Fret not, as we have compiled here a list of things to do to make it a very merry one. To be happy, keep calm, make it free of stress, and definitely memorable.

1. Be prepared for an imperfect holiday – and that is perfectly fine!

As long as your expectations are not high, you should be good. Think that you are ready to face noisy nephews (find another corner), intrusive aunts (just smile & think happy thoughts), unexpected family members expecting gifts (recycle that gift!), and that unavoidable holiday traffic (give yourself enough travel time), then you won’t have to be too Scroogey.

2. And since you have prepared yourself well, make sure you practice your meditation during these stressful times.

No need to take out that yoga mat. Just close your eyes and even for just a minute, put your mind at ease. Mindful meditation is definitely a great help.

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3. List down your chores.

This really helps. Even for those with sharp memories, writing down what needs to be done will make your day much easier. And especially during the anxiety-laden holiday season, writing your more than a dozen to-do list, getting gifts for your family, baking those cookies for the gathering, and even paying your bills, is also a way for you to make sure you have not forgotten anything or anyone at all!

4. Go online!

If the mere thought of traffic, long lines at the mall, and the time wasted for the holiday shopping already make your blood pressure go up, try online shopping. Go to store websites, go to Instagram, Facebook, and other sites that offer various holidays gifts from clothes to gadgets to baked goods. Most of them offer free or minimal shipping, and some even do meet-ups! (Make sure you trust the vendor!)

5. Dealing with Anxiety? Move!

Not because you’ve found online shopping to be the answer to your prayers does not mean you will not get out of your couch anymore. If you want to know more on how to get rid of anxiety, stand up and stretch, take a walk, exercise, breathe that fresh air. Doing any of this will help us release endorphins which help relieve stress and enhance pleasure. It’s the natural happy pill!

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6. Treat yourself – have some me time, even for just a few minutes or few hours.

Look, you don’t have to spend on an expensive spa or massage. What about taking yourself to a movie, a nearby museum, or a park and just people watch while drinking tea or a smoothie? Once you have enjoyed doing this recharge activity, you will be able to face once more the possible holiday mayhem. And you will be looking forward to more me-time!

7. Remember, spend time with your besties!

After that me time, you might want company, to lessen your load of having to do grocery, shop, or just trade happy stories. Laugh together, as laughing is a great stress buster! Watch the sunset and be in awe!

8. How to get rid of anxiety? Write your thoughts.

Since the year is about to end, it may also be the best time to take stock of how the year has been, to you, your career, your family, your friends. Has it been a good year? How thankful are you for the blessings you have been given? Write it down. It is a good brain exercise after all.  Just write, no need to edit, since it is for your eyes only.

9. The best anxiety medication: Take your Zzz’s.

At the end of a busy day, nothing is most welcome but a good, long, sleep. Get your required 7-8 hours. Once again, it is a good stress buster and for strengthening the brain. More importantly, it helps you feel and look young.

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10. Look forward to the New Year!

Bring out the champagne (or the fruit juice), say a prayer of thanks, envision a brighter year ahead! Keeping in mind the lessons learned, simplifying your life, leaving negativities (people and things behind. Then, believe that what lies for you are mostly blessings and good things to come!

Being mindful of your well being can be the best gift you can give yourself, and consequently the best gift for your loved ones. Most importantly, a healthier mind is as vital as a healthy body. So here’s to the holidays that keep calm, are less stressful, more pleasant, fun and happy!

Care to share your own stress busters and mindful holiday habits?


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