Remembering our fondest memory with Dad

They say that the best way to test your memory is to associate things with meaningful events or associate meaningful events with loved ones.

So, since it’s Father’s Day weekend, we, at Neeuro, did a little activity and asked our colleagues to recall their fondest memory with their dad, and also help you decide on that special gift for him.

The answers will touch your hearts.

I always enjoyed the relaxing outings and fishing trips with my dad during the weekends or holidays.
Aisyah, Business Executive, Neeuro

I remember when I was in primary school we would go to Science Centre regularly during weekends.
Kelly,  Chief Marketing Officer, Neeuro

I remember those times that my father helped out as much as possible with my homework. He stayed up late just for me.
Hong Zhi, Programmer, Neeuro

Whenever I had nightmares, my dad was always content to chat with me until I relax enough to go back to sleep despite sacrificing his own.
Tori, Game Art Intern, Neeuro

When I was little, I remember my dad singing “I Believe” to put me to sleep.
Meikah, Digital Strategist, Neeuro

I remember my dad bringing me on fishing trips whenever he could.
Bryan, Business Executive, Neeuro

Happy Father's Day from Neeuro

Happy Father’s Day from Neeuro!

When I was little, my dad will bring me to the park every weekend to do all sorts of stuff.
Sean, Business Executive, Spini

My dad was always there for me, and I used to be so proud that he spoke so well and carried himself equally well.
Narin, Services Manager, Neeuro

I enjoyed the family road trips to Malaysia when I was young. My dad would drive us in our little family car.
Sie Piau, Chief Software Engineer, Neeuro

I have fond memories of chilling at home during the evenings listening to our favourite music.
Jessie, Gamification Designer

I remember the deals I made with my dad on the presents I would get depending on my exam results.
Alvin Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Neeuro


So, how good is your memory?

Test it by remembering the fondest moments you had with your father, dad, papa, or however you call the first important man of your life. Let us know in the comment box below. 🙂 

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