We are now at an exciting time, being so close to fulfilling a dream we’ve worked long and hard towards!

When we first started, we envisioned ourselves creating something that would free people from their fear of early cognitive decline. We’ve seen family & friends slowing down and feeling isolated, and we thought, surely there must be a better way to age gracefully. We rolled up our sleeves and prepared to get our hands dirty. Now, we are working as hard as we can to produce a groundbreaking solution to brain fitness. 

Production Update

However, just like any other birthing story, ours is no different. We experienced delays in certification and the results of the first testing didn’t meet the quality standards and our expectations.

Today, we are happy to tell you that we got our product certification, and that production is well underway. We are excited to be on the shop floor, and we can’t be more proud to see our very own CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Alvin Chan, there personally overseeing the production and testing process.

This week we will be assembling headbands, and will be doing a small volume run towards end of next week to finalise the processes.

Dr. Alvin Chan inspecting the SenzeBands

Dr. Alvin Chan working with the team, inspecting and assembling SenzeBands


Inspecting the parts, making sure the finishing is up to expectations

Inspecting the parts and its output to make sure the finishing is up to expectations.


Inspecting the mold for one of the parts

Inspecting the mold for one of the parts


PCBs inspected, tested to ensure all of the parts are right

PCBs produced are visually inspected, then tested to ensure all of the parts are right.


Flexible PCBs produced, inspected before moving them onto the next process

Flexible PCBs produced are also inspected before moving them onto the next process.


Flexible PCBs placed onto custom-built boards for machines to solder parts automatically

Flexible PCBs are placed onto custom-built boards for machines to solder parts automatically.


 SenzeBand covers carefully produced and inspected thoroughly

These are the SenzeBand covers. They have been carefully produced and inspected thoroughly.


Assembling the parts together for further tests

Our team assembling the parts together for further tests.


Assembling the parts together for further tests

Assembling the SenzeBand for further testing

An assembled SenzeBand

An assembled SenzeBand. We are using this to run through details of the various processes and making final tweaks.

We have done a small production run this week of under a 100 sets, with which we have been checking and testing the production process. Quality control is our utmost priority and we want everything right; there is no room for compromise here. 

Delivery Update

Our target is to initially run a production line to produce a couple of hundred sets by the following week, and this will be used to ensure the whole production runs smoothly without any glitches.

Once everything is set in place, the full production run will start and delivery will begin shortly after.

Memorie Games Update

We want more games! Yes, we heard you, and here are more of our exciting Memorie games.

Memorie Game - Junction Control

Junction Control. This is an engaging take on what an intelligent traffic junction system could be like. Imagine that there is a person controlling the traffic lights. Can you manage all the traffic lights to ensure the smoothest possible traffic for cars and pedestrians alike? Make the best of your decision-making skills.


Memorie Game - Mindcopter

Mindcopter. Play this game using the Neeuro SenzeBand. This game applies a concept where you can control a helicopter’s hovering by your amount of concentration. When you focus hard enough, the helicopter lifts off, and you can maneuver it on humanitarian aid air drop or survivor rescue missions.


Memorie Game - Space 360

Space 360. Most people know the “move-spaceship-to-avoid-asteriods” game, but that’s not all. This game gives it a 360-degree twist, where you, as the pilot, have to contend with real-time orientation changes. With every turn, re-orientate yourself quickly to avoid crashing your spacecraft.


We are pushing hard to get the product out fast as we are all excited for you to receive our Neeuro SenzeBand and benefit from it.

However, there are circumstances that are beyond our control. We are not disheartened because we know they are inevitable in the process of building a new product, and we are confident that you, our dear supporter, will understand.

We will continue to keep you updated on important milestones. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, please do subscribe to our Happier Life, Healthier Mind Newsletter below for exclusive news and deals, and tips & tricks on mind wellness.

And for those who have not pre-ordered yet, today is the perfect time do so. Click here to place your order now!

Thank you for your support and for continuing on the journey with us!

Stay tuned!

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