Children who can focus well have the best potential to succeed later in life. In order to do so, they will need to exercise and develop their cognitive skills over time to reap the benefits academically, and as well as in later life. Focus improvement entails exercising the executive function, found in the front of the brain. Executive function skills act as a type of air traffic control system, managing one time and resources. But, how do we keep them engaged in training their focus?

Focus Improvement Exercises for Children

Focus is not too difficult to attain, especially at a younger age. Through focus improvement exercises, children can easily regain undivided attention on a task.

  1. Exercising the body is absolutely advisable as it reconnects mind and body coordination which is highly relevant in focus improvement.
  2. Another exercise for your child’s focus is reading. Not only is reading helpful in keeping your memory sharp, but it enhances focus especially when you read slowly since comprehension of the material is a must. Memorization is also important and requires extreme attention and time. Try memorizing a story, a song, or a poem to exercise your focus! 
  3. Meditation is another way to exercise focus improvement. Meditation assists your mind to achieve peace and rethink daily routines.
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Focus Improvement Games for Children

Do you know that games can assist your child in enhancing their focus?  Board games are good for focus improvement but it’s never too late to start now. You can choose from these top three traditional games for your focus improvement goals:

  1. Chess – is good as it uses a timer that mandates full attention for every movement, teaches strategizing, and application of tactical movements to capture the opponent’s King piece.
  2. Monopoly – It’s time to let them learn to budget while improving their focus through this simulation game!
  3. Scrabble – concentration is a must when deciding what word to form from the tiles you have, and also to leverage on the vocabulary that you have. It’s the perfect memory enhancer that assists focus improvement without time pressure.
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Focus Improvement Games for Children

  1. Teach them to Jot Down Critical Tasks
    By writing down tasks for the day, it will be easier for children to know what to do each time. In essence, they have homework or book review to finish.
  2. Taking ample vitamins and minerals
    Being healthy is still key to any goal. Proper nutrition is a scientifically proven way to maintain cognitive health for increased brain performance and focus.
  3. Step Away from Distracting Activities
    Teach your children to manage time properly and avoid spending too much time on distracting activities. This will help them develop discipline over time.
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Focus improvement should not be neglected by parents as it will improve their child’s cognitive skills once they reach adulthood. Parents must try their best to consistently help teach their children to execute such techniques for focus improvement, not only to get things done but also to ensure efficiency and excellence in executing tasks.

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