If you were to be asked, do you think people who forgot to pay their debts have dementia? Funny that it is no more just a meme but a metaphor that reflects reality! But, as clever as social media thinks dementia is what people who don’t pay debts have, it is actually a serious matter that dominates the modern seniors. Dementia is not your typical condition because it’s a memory loss issue. Likewise, dementia treatments by healthcare professionals are done with meticulous and specific measures. Be reminded to never dream of having one just to make you forget your ex! Not so great solution, really!

“Dementia is not a specific disease. It’s an overall term that describes a group of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills sever enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities.” – Google.com

You may find it hard to forget your painful break up or a painful past. But, dementia is nothing like deleting those heart breaking memories. It is about forgetting even about the basics. Examples, are, where you live, where to turn next while driving, or who you just talked on the phone with. Dementia also affects the way someone behaves, speak, think, feel, and act.


Cognitive Skills: How Dementia Affects It

Your cognitive skills are the main affected when someone has dementia. Activities such as reading, thinking, or reasoning are declining when you have the D. We know about that some people live on Earth without something that has common (common sense) in it. This is not really very common nowadays, but it’s not similar to those who is suffer from dementia. Unlike these people who refuse in using their critical thinking skills, dementia patients go through certain stages of it.


Healthcare Professionals’ Treatment to Control Dementia:

There are 7 stages of dementia and we also have more than its count to prevent, cure, or control it. The following are some of the general ways to treat dementia:

Medicine Intake – Taking medicines that prevent enzymes to break down acetylcholine, a brain substance which support nerve cells in communicating signals to each other. Samples of medicines used for dementia treatments are Donepezil also known as Aricept, galantamine, and Exelon capsule. Such medicines take at least two weeks before taking better effects to patients and can include appetite loss and nausea as side effects.

Some medications might be effective but they can somehow take a toll when it comes to our seniors’ liver and other body parts. One might contradict with their heart maintenance, etc.  Here are some of the treatments that do not include medicinal intake:

  • Walking Down Memory Lane – The basic of them all which is reminiscing the person’s life story on a daily basis such as talking about events from the past to the latest ones. Using pictures, describing the person’s profession or work, sports, artists, relative’s names, and even playing their favorite music are parts of this.
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation – This now includes working hand in hand with professional therapists, a close friend, or relative to reach a certain goal such as learning everyday tasks or using technology (gadgets). This training aims to awaken parts of the brain that are not working.
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) –This involves partaking in group activities which tends to improve speech ability, critical or problem solving skills, and memory. It is often used to treat people with mild dementia.


Is there a way to keep your cognitive skills from declining without taking too much medication?

Neeuro offers an effective way to keep seniors’ precious memories of their past and our history alive with their NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course. Neeuro created this course to help the lovely, awesome, and young at heart seniors who are prone to dementia be busy and thrilled! The NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course involves:

  • Memory, logic, and other cognitive skills enhancement
  • Brain health tips fit for our grandma’s and grandpa’s
  • Helps reduce risk of continuous cognitive decline
  • Improve ability to perform daily tasks
  • Increase productivity in daily activities
  • Increase social engagement with trainers and peers


Why does Neeuro offer this kind of training?

As cognitive functions may start to decline at 25, Neeuro aims to prevent this with the NeeuroFIT Brain Training Courses for Seniors. With its modern approach, it will help:

  • Progress attention by 25%
  • A 33% increase in memory (retention, logic)
  • Improve decision making and cognitive flexibility by 58%
  • Spatial or comprehension ability such as driving, sport, or map navigation escalated by 50%

The NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors has been proven by many and is safe and effective for seniors. With its fresh games and sessions, our lovely seniors will definitely find it entertaining and useful.

Dementia is something we should not neglect and so, selecting the best ways to prevent it from happening or developing should always be taken into consideration. Again, when you forget few answers to your Science exam? That’s normal! But, when a person starts to forget daily tasks? Maybe it’s time to take action. Train your brain to retain your life!


Find out how Neeuro can improve your cognitive abilities by clicking on the banner below!

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