As your patients age, the treatments they receive when they were younger would be very different from today. Their level of experience in health complication determines the kind of treatment they will need. Over time, what may often happen for seniors is their brains deteriorating. This phenomena is what we call, dementia. Dementia is not a normal part of ageing. Sad but true, it is mostly observed and diagnosed in people within their senior years. That’s why Dementia prevention is vital during senior’s early years.

Here are the Clinical Treatments done by most physicians for Dementia Prevention:

dementia preventions

Medications Commonly Used For Memory Loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Donepezil (Aricept) is approved to treat all stages of Alzheimer’s.
  • Rivastigmate (Exelon) is approved to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.
  • Galantamine (Razadyne) is approved to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

Treatments For Behavior

  • Antidepressants – for low moor or irritability
  • Antipsychotic – for hallucinations, delusions, aggression, agitation, etc.
  • Anxiolytics – for anxiety and restlessness

Treatments For Sleep Changes

  • “Sleeping pills” such as zolpidem, zaleplon and chloral hydrate
  • “Atypical” antipsychotics such as risperidone, onlanzapine and quetiapine
  • Older “Classical” antipsychotics such as haloperidol

These medications seem familiar as most physicians would prescribe these to treat their senior patients. However, while medication is effective, it would pose serious consequences for whatever side effects that may occur when patients react to it, only to contribute to the decline of their health.

dementia prevention

We may look into a more holistic approach for our senior patients. As their cognitive performance deteriorates, we may explore other alternative ways to improving the quality of their life.  Improving the quality of a patient’s life entails an overall approach to their health condition.

Neeuro sets itself apart on the intervention that’s being made for these patients. Over the traditional approach, Neeuro has developed a brain training course that improves cognitive performance, productivity and peer engagement. This method was developed upon recognition of one’s cognitive functions declining from the age of 25. Even at that time, aging cannot be taken lightly for it hastens when we depend entirely on medicines to recover from sickness.

Gone are the days most modern doctors would turn to medication for their patients’ overall recovery.

Along with prescribed medicine, keeping the seniors’ brains healthy will increase their quality of life and decrease the rate of decline of their overall health. This is achieved through NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors that is meant to provide modern solutions to keep one’s brain mentally active. This new intervention may be the key to providing quality health care service to your patients. Before embarking on this new course, you may click here to learn more.


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