Any sort of diagnosis brings a certain confirmation to the long term worries we have of a having a certain illness. Once a diagnosis has been made it is mostly followed by the physician’s intervention for it. However, as today’s medicine does not only focus on tackling the condition directly for the recovery to begin, it looks into the underlying causes of a dementia diagnosis in other areas of a patient’s life. When we are diagnosed with a condition we’ve come to know well as Dementia, we are graced with the following interventions.


Non-pharma Interventions after Dementia Diagnosis:

dementia therapy

  1. Cognitive Training – helps improve an individual’s ability to function after a brain injury.
  2. Music Therapy – the use of music to improve health or functionality.
  3. Massage Therapy – is manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance a person’s health and well-being.


Non-conventional Medicinal Alternatives after Dementia Diagnosis:


  1. Functional Medicine – a form of alternative medicine that covers spiritual, mental, emotional and social health other than physical.
  2. Herbal Medicine -maintain or improve their health through dietary supplements

Apart from all these approaches, a very effective intervention that caters the mind, body and nutrition include brain training exercises. Conversely, these keep your mind fit most of the time.

Recommended Brain Training Course After Dementia Diagnosis

Neeuro has brain training exercises for seniors. First, it can reduce the development of dementia, improves and maintains one’s memory, decision making, attention and cognitive flexibility in seniors. One practical use of this is in assessing the patient’s needs through tracking with the use of technology. Through the latest technologies, reports and assessments, we are able to track and measure progress accurately. Then, it provides personalised training to ensure every trainee will fully benefit from every encounter.

The course makes use of brain wave technology called, SenzeBand. Furthermore, the Senzeband records each trainee’s attention and mental effort during every session. Neeuro intends to customize its brain training courses that will effectively meet the needs of its trainees. NeeuroFIT for Seniors Main Benefits are the following:

  1. First, it can increase overall performance.
  2. Also, it sharpens focus and skills in logic.
  3. Then, it can improve social engagement with people.
  4. Most importantly, it enhances self-awareness.


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