Do your parents or grandparents play computer games on their phones or tablets?

If they do, let them! This activity, after all, makes them sharper!

This, according to various scientific studies!

Watch this CBS News segment that says brain training games help seniors improve their memory skills. This was based on a study made by Dr Adam Gazzeley of the University of California where 200 volunteers, with ages spanning seven decades, were given video games to be played, and which led them to conclude that these games improve cognitive abilities in the elderly.

With our upcoming product, “Memorie”, we at Neeuro conducted a series of electronic game trials in a Singapore hospital’s geriatric unit. The seniors were given iPads and briefly taught how to play various Memorie games, developed by the Neeuro team. Most of them enthusiastically and excitedly played all the games, saying that it challenged their reflexes, multi-tasking, and memory skills.

The North Carolina State University also published a study led by assistant professor of psychology, Dr. Jason Allaire, which found that playing digital games contributes to better emotional health for elderly people. The study followed 140 seniors averaging 77 years old and found that regular gamers reported higher levels of well-being and better self-reported health than non-gamers.

So, computer games are not just for the young ones, but also for the young once, as it may contribute to a more alert and attentive mind. It becomes a helpful tool for training the brain. Our upcoming product Memorie, with neuroscientists and engineers behind this, has the potential to find solutions for a healthier mind.

Do let them play, exercise their brain, and watch as they relate to you more of their love stories, inspiring stories, and other interesting tidbits about their lives. After all, these games will help improve their memory!

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