Cognitive development starts at birth, it’s the foundation for learning and as such, there’s a strong link between developing these skills early and success in later life. Cognitive skills like attention and memory play a key role in the building blocks of many core academic subjects, like languages and maths. These children with better cognitive development will, in turn, have an easier time thriving and succeeding in school. These skills aren’t just relevant academically, but socially as well,  as children with developed cognitive skills are able to navigate social circles and build better relationships with their peers.

For the older generation, cognitive development is just as important because it can help maintain mental and physical health by reducing the risk of health conditions such as cognitive decline which then may lead to challenges like dementia, etc. A research report published by the UK government also found that cognitive decline is partly responsible for seniors having less independence, living in increasing isolation and thus, having an impact on their quality of life. This means that taking simple steps to improve cognitive development may be able to vastly improve quality of life for those in the older generation.

These are just some of the reasons why Neeuro was formed. At Neeuro, we want to help build upon this foundation to improve cognitive development worldwide using cutting-edge brain training technology with the help of our partners. As a leading force, together we are:


Promoting Positive Psychology

The backbone to determining the quality of life for an individual level is evident with some of our existing partner relationships. Together with Mind Culture & The School of Positive Psychology, we conduct programmes like  NeeuroFIT for children to work on essential learning, and bring joy and fulfillment to them. All while imparting the aspects of positive psychology to foster mentally healthy and successful kids.

“Before, I did not know why the kids would behave in certain ways. It’s very hard to know how much they are learning. With Neeuro, I can tap into the kids’ mental state, to show how they are behaving while learning while performing their activities. This lets us target very accurately the point at which I can help the kid. Working with Neeuro is very fascinating, they always have new things coming out.


You can work with them to see what you want, and they will try to help you. They are not rigid. You can tell them what your needs are for helping your students, and they’ll work together with you to come up with something”

“Jeslyn Lim, Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist, Founder of Mind Culture


Brain Training for Kids

At Neeuro, we’re also taking a step into the future with a huge focus on developing the cognitive functions of the upcoming generations. We’ve partnered with many early childhood education centres such as Gifted Learners Student Care Centre to create courses with the aim of enhancing children’s IQ and cognitive functions. In order to foster a “mental exercise programme” that serves as a foundation for learning and evolving these key cognitive functions.

Our partnership with training companies, including Vine Global, are helping further this cause through distributing the SenzeBand, making it more accessible by bringing NeeuroFIT to primary schools, preschools, and student care centres.


“NeeuroFIT has empowered our students at Vine Global with a better and sharper mind for school and everyday life!”

Caleb Sim, Director, Vine Global



Combining Fun and Technology

It’s all about bringing training in an engaging way where the kids want to learn. At Neeuro we’ve created innovative ways to help make the learning experience seamless and fun for children, so much so they won’t even know they’re learning!

Take our work with Herald Baums, managing director at Titan Commerce in Germany, sharing why they joined our partnership program and highlights how Neeuro works with their distribution partners:


“This was an easy decision to work with Neeuro. We are a leading distributor in Europe for this kind of technology, the product looks good, it’s mature and ready to sell.

I tested it myself, and I was really excited about the intelligence of the software, I couldn’t stop using it, it was so exciting to use it. It was much more fun than using any other solution.

We have a very close and good working relationship with Neeuro. We are very dedicated to bringing this to a success, we have a good feeling that this is mutual.”

Herald Baums, MD of Titan Commerce


Our global expansion has also seen our technology put to various uses with new collaborations that could help occupational therapists and benefit stroke patients rebuild their cognitive function. Furthermore, the technology can aid schizophrenia research and develop tools for pain management and fatigue monitoring for driver safety. We also work directly with schools, from preschool through to secondary education to run NeeuroFIT and NeeuroEDU classes.  

Using the latest technology, combined with our knowledge of how important cognitive development is, we also foresee future use cases in augmented/virtual reality and phobia management. Neeuro works globally with partners such as training providers, technology system integrators and schools to benefit children. Using modern solutions for cognitive training, cognitive skills such as attention and memory are emphasized and honed. NeeuroFIT aims to improve every child’s academic success via better learning outcomes.

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