Children video games are a trend nowadays. It is true that too much exposure on gadgets of children has an effect in their speech and mental development, but with the right moderation and children video game choices, everything will fall into the right place. There is technology and there is learning in it. Moreover, children video games have been proven effective to reduce the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In this article, we will discuss the top and best educational children video games you should be selecting for your kids. There are top children video games that are perfect for different age brackets and so, selecting the perfect fit for your child is vital, and here are the following:

Children Video Games for Pre-school and Elementary Students

Children Video Games #10: Scout’s ABC Garden

One of the Children Video Games in this list that is an interactive game that develops the memory and analytical skills of your pre-schooler. The puppy Scout helps kids find missing things, count water droplets, and even grow all the letters of the alphabet! As this game can be modified as per your child’s name, Scout will make him recognize his/her identity better. The only disadvantage is it only allows one child in a game at a time so, your kid’s playing buddy has to play the game in another device.

Children Video Games #9: Fish School HD

One of the Children Video Games in this list that is a smartphone or tablet game fit for pre-schoolers. It’s a step by step process of teaching toddlers to identify numbers, shapes, colors, and letters. Added to this is the graphics that is as engaging as Finding Nemo and so, the focus of the child will be gauged as well. Underwater scenery is always amazing for kids and adding the learning process without too much pressure with Fish School HD is a plus!

Children Video Games #8: Dinosaur Park Math

Every primary student focuses on arithmetic and spelling and so, if we have the children video game Balloony Word for their spelling skills, the Dinosaur Park Math gauges your child’s vision through amazing dinosaurs while teaching them to do basic math! Aside from the moving animation of these historical characters, you will also find facts about them in this app. Dinosaurs have been a constant favorite topic by kids, even adults.

One of the Children Video Games in this list that is a combination of paleontology, math, and history. You can also bond with your child through this game because some difficulty level might need support for you to also see your child’s capability to solve the problems. As the joke says, Math has millions and millions failed and teaching them early to play with numbers can diminish this continuous growing numbers of Math failures!

Children Video Games #7: Minecraft

Many are hooked with this game but it’s actually an educational children video game. One of the Children Video Games in this list where its lego-like animation is another attraction of the game. Wondering why even adults are into it? Well, simply because Minecraft is a game where you really have to think and plan your next moves to break the challenge. Because of the challenge and thrill, it gives, this game has become a favorite by many.

Children Video Games #6: Nancy Drew

One of the Children Video Games in this list where a favorite detective even by parents, this PC game develops your child’s critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Because this children video game is for aspiring detectives, children will help Nancy Drew solve and figure out mystery cases during the course of the game.

Children Video Games  #5: Balloony Word

Remember Hangman from your old desktop? Well, your kids can now enjoy it through Balloony Word! This features Gordon (the gorilla) and Kendra (the kangaroo) hanging on a set of balloons printed with several letters and their lives depend on the words your child will create from the given letters.

Spelling words is a very tricky part of learning and admit it or not, you even forget some of the correct spelling of words sometimes! It will also train your child to play intelligently because Kendra and Gordon’s lives are in their hands. This develops their skill to manage time and execute planning under pressure.

Children Video Games #4: 20Q

This game is the online version of 20 Questions. One of the Children Video Games in this list which is a helpful tool or students in finding the right answers, which greatly nourishes their reasoning and critical analysis skills.

Children Video Games #3: Brainiversity

This children video game for PC is a Windows-based game that will create teamwork between you and your child. One of the Children Video Games in this list that involves a variety of games such as memory, language, math, analysis, and critical thinking. As you could see, this interactive game will help build your bond as a family while helping them gain skills in the academic factors needed for their growing years.

Children Video Games #2: Smarty Pants

Trivia is a constant favorite by many, even children! And Smarty Pants is one favorite game by many which can be played on Nintendo Wii. As it targets all ages, it can make your family bonding more exciting! It has over 20,000 questions. One of the Children Video Games in this list that is a truly engaging kind of game.


Children Video Games #1: Ology

Ology is a science game and website by the Museum of Natural History in the US, this children video game is filled with terrific lessons of various field of study. One of the Children Video Games in this list that includes games about genetics, paleontology, biodiversity, earth science, astronomy, and many more!

From Educational Children Video Games to Actual Brain Enhancement Techniques

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Children Video Games and others offer More Fun in the Brain Training World!

Neeuro created interactive brain training for children, with the help of experts and neurosurgeons. Together with Senzeband, a brainwave sensor (tested and proven a safe tool for kids) that tracks the mental efforts and focus of a student in every training session. Partnered with Neeuro’s Memorie App, your children will surely learn while having fun! This is a great supplement to this children video games list! The Memorie App is composed of 15 brain food-like games that are proven and tested to exercise and nourish your child’s cognitive skills.

Our children are in a crucial situation during their younger years because this is where their brain adapts and forms through proper learning and development. Children video games and with the help of Neeuro, you are sure to get leverage your child’s learning skills while having fun playing the Memorie App together with other children. That’s developing cognitive and social skills in one!

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