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Neeuro to Officially Crown the Winners of the First Neeuro Brainiest Kid Competition India

India, February 27, 2020 — Neeuro launched the Brainiest Kid Competition India, its first-ever cognitive skills online competition last October 2019. As a leader in the Digital Mental Health and Brain Fitness platformNeeuro has established a reputation of advocating brain training solutions all over the world. To reinforce the importance of brain training in India, Neeuro invited studentbetween the ages of 6 to 17-year-old to participate in the competition. 

Improving Children’s Cognitive Abilities

According to Harvard Health Publishing, cognitive functions are key ingredients to life-time performance [1].

Furthermore, a study from the Economic Times of India suggests that high cognitive ability is correlated by 84% with higher job performance [2]. In fact, it is the most accurate predictor of an employee’s success at work.

A game from Neeuro’s Memorie App called Multitask Master was used in the competition [3]. Primarily, the game is designed to help enhance players’ mental flexibility and their rate of processing information. By letting students play Multitask Master, Neeuro aimed to show how cognitive flexibility can make them more productive. Attention, memory, decision making, spatial ability, and cognitive flexibility are some of the key cognitive skills that need to be developed for children to do well, not only in school, but also in life.  

An Overwhelming Participation for the Brainiest Kid

Close to four-thousand (4000) registered students from more than 24 Indian schools participated in the Brainiest Kid India Competition 2019As the demand increased after the said launch, the competition period ran for an extended period.

From the 45-day initial run, the Brainiest Kid was extended to 118 days (October 3, 2019 to January 31, 2020).

Neeuro’s Value-Added Partners (VAPs), Pragati Brain Power, Spini, SMA Abacus, Ignite Genius Minds, Aguray Consultancy Services and Plaudit Minds showed their support for the success of this pilot competition.

Neeuro will officially be awarding the schools with the Brainiest School” award (School with the highest combined score of all their students), while the students in each category (Lower-Primary, Upper-Primary, and Secondary) will be awarded the “Brainiest Grandmaster” awards, respectively. The team at Neeuro congratulates the Brainiest Kid Competition India winners listed below:

Brainiest School 

School  Students’ Combined Score 
1. Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya  165,880 
2. Daffodils English School  124,000 
3. AMC Cambridge Public School  92,140

Brainiest Grandmaster – Lower Primary 




1. Sanvika Kiran 

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir 


2. Margesh Puri 

Podar International School 


3. Shivika Nair 

AMC Cambridge Public School 


Brainiest Grandmaster – Upper Primary 

Name  School  Score 

1. Karthik Kiran

1. Niranjan B.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir

Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya



2. Adarsh S Bhavans Vidya Mandir 2,578 
3. Savyasachi Mogili Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya 2,570 

Brainiest Grandmaster – Secondary 




1. Samiya Maryam 

Suffah English School 


2. Sree Theerth 

Sivagiri Sree Narayana Senior Secondary School 


3. Pratik Jawle 

Podar International School 


Many schools expressed their experiencepraising Neeuro for the way they conducted the event. M.S Jayasri, the principal of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya, said:

“The students were very enthusiastic and they shared their experience of reaching levels, and when they came to know that they have to break through 2500 points and more, they played with enthusiasm and focus.

The team [at Neeuro] continuously motivated students through the admin department to set higher benchmarks and go for it.” 
– Principal M.S. Jayasri of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya 

“Our students, many of them, took part in the Neeuro Brainiest Kid Competition recently. They seemed very enthusiastic about the said competition, as the vibes I received were very positive.

Our thanks and gratitude goes out to the team from Neeuro for providing this wonderful opportunity to our students. We wish Neeuro all the best in their future endeavor.”

– A. LaPorte, Principal, AMC Cambridge Public School

“We [are] excited to share that our school has achieved the 3rd position in ‘Neeuro’s Brainiest School’ title. We are also elated to share that our student Shivika Nair has achieved the 3rd position for the title ‘Brainiest Grandmaster’ in the Lower Primary Section.”

Neena Mehta, Coordinator, AMC Cambridge Public School

“We are happy to inform that students of Daffodils English School were bestowed with the opportunity to take part in the ‘Neeuro’s Brainiest Kid Competition’. This competition gave them a chance to learn and understand the significance of cognitive flexibility.”

Mrs. Madhuri Chengappa, Secretary, Daffodils English School

Technologically-advanced and Forward-thinking Schools are the Future of Indian Education

Neeuro extends its gratitude to all the schools, studentsand partners who have enthusiastically participated in this competition. The schools demonstrated their forward-thinking approach and technological inclination as they experienced and realised the positive impact technology can have on students.  The schools’ participation and their commendations are a testimonial of their experience. 

 In the coming days, Neeuro will be reaching out to the respective schools to award the winners. Following the successful run of the Brainiest Kid Competition India in 2019the dates for 2020 will be announced on Neeuro’s website this year. 

Annex: About Neeuro

Neeuro is a global Digital Mental Health platform that is backed by a portfolio of patented and clinically validated research with Singapore’s National Research Agency to empower digital therapeutics and brain fitness solutions.

Its core technology, NeeuroOS, empowers Digital Mental Health and Brain Fitness solution providers with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to easily harness data from the brain and measure its different states such as attention, relaxation, fatigue, etc. Companies can then focus on their core offerings and go-to-market strategies. 

The solutions include digital therapeutics for ADHD, anxiety, pain management, etc. It also powers brain fitness applications such as improving children’s, working adults’ and seniors’ cognition. For more information, please contact

Comms Contact

Kelly Choo
Neeuro Pte. Ltd. 
Tel: +91-9150111112


[1] Preserving and improving memory as we age (2010). Retrieved from  

[2] Cognitive ability most accurate predictor of employee’s success (2018). Retrieved from 

[3] Memorie: The App That Can Train Your 5 Cognitive Skills: 

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