The year 2018 has been an impressive year for Neeuro. With its groundbreaking Brain Training Apps like Memorie, Galini, Smarty Knights, etc., and Senzeband tool, it has announced its partnership with Spinircle India Pvt. Ltd (Spini).


Spini Promotes Brain Training Apps

Spini adds intelligence to the sales cycle through online and offline activities thereby saving cost and time for its clients for customer acquisition. Spini will be taking care of Neeuro’s brain training apps promotion in Indian market. As a Master Channel Partner in Tamil Nadu, the team at Spini will work closely with schools to help kids in improving their memory, cognition and decision making through brain training apps.


Brain Training Apps for Institutions

With more than 3 Million educational institutions in India, the country takes pride in creating some of the best engineers, architects, and doctors. Neeuro’s product is revolutionizing and it can help students learn faster, help them in their academics, thus, enable them to choose their career path and become responsible citizens. Neeuro’s Brain Training Apps and Solutions combined with Spini’s dedication and mastery in digital marketing will soon open doors of amazing brain training apps for India’s greatest minds.


Neeuro Brain Training Apps

Neeuro believes that our brain is like our muscle- it needs constant training and development. Aside from brain food and supplements, brain training apps is critical as we age. With Neeuro’s revolutionary tool Senzeband, brain training apps will never be expensive and complicated like before.

Neeuro’s Senzeband is a brainwave sensor that detects mental state resulting in improved focus and attention. Its brain training apps will help track your mind’s positive reaction and significantly increase its performance with each session.


Brain Training Apps and Solutions for Any Age!

Neeuro is also equipped with brain training apps and solutions for all ages which means, you can have constant brain training apps and curriculum with the help of Neeuro’s different programs. Neeuro aims to be of aid in developing not just youngsters and students’ minds but to support and contribute to the senior community as well.

With brain training apps in sets for seniors, children, and adults you can rely on Neeuro for a healthier and sharper memory as you age.

About Spini, Neeuro’s Master Channel Partner in India

Founded in 2014 by a group of collective thinkers with a similar passion, Spini specializes in providing sales solutions to companies. Equipped with the creative ideas and positive outlook, Spini collaborates with Neeuro to attract the Indian market in focusing and paying attention to one of the global crisis: brain degeneration. Combined with Neeuro’s passion for brain training and development and India’s passion for building their future workforce and leaders, Spini will create a gateway to this combination and phenomena in India. To find out more about them, you may visit their site at You may also sign up for a free trial on Neeuro’s Brain Training Solutions on their website.

About Neeuro

Founded in 2013, Neeuro is a leading brain technology platform from Singapore that empowers people’s lives to be happier and healthier through its effective yet affordable neurotechnology and gamification. Neeuro’s products and services are the product of national research institutes collaboration, which goal is to provide focus on digital brain health and technological education that can support people of all ages in optimizing their brain’s potential. Neeuro now serves over 50 countries and successfully implemented brain fitness programmes and services in community centers, educational institutions, and many other organizations. Globally acclaimed and titled with Champion for Regional Best Practice in the World Summit Awards (SEA) 2015 under the United Nations framework, Neeuro’s vision to serve the world with advanced and uncomplicated brain training solutions prevails.

brain training apps

Neeuro continues its influence in the global community by partnering with training providers, schools, and technological system integrators to benefit children. Is brain training the ultimate ADHD cure, or Dementia remedy? The company’s aid to seniors also lives with their commitment to improving their brain training for seniors that help slow down or prevent the development of age-driven diseases such as dementia.


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