The past year, with the global health pandemic, has seen major life changes. Lockdowns that were implemented compelled families to shift habits and schedules, including the mandated online learning for children. School can be the right place to keep our children’s minds ready for learning and in full function. But what happens when physically going to school changes to virtually going to school for a year, or even more?


How virtual learning affect children

Have the cognitive skills of children shifted too? Does the need to train and sharpen their thinking still hold, perhaps even greater, because of the loss of socializing, playing, and other face-to-face experiences bring? Has their attention span become better, or worse? Is there a greater need to boost their mental capacity, through different methods, including the use of EEG devices?

How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

  • Engaging children in physical activity can still be a possibility even without physically going to school. At home, it is encouraged to let our children move around after their virtual lessons. Playtime is good, whether just walking or running, or playing ball. How about pushing their creative juices? Do they like art, drawing or painting, creating something from scrap? How about let them learn a musical instrument that helps them increase brain volume and strengthen areas of communication in their brains.


How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

  • Keep them curious. This will enable their thinking skills to be sharpened and honed. It’s been found that children who read books, write, and engage in brain-stimulating activities at any age may preserve memory. Furthermore, those into fiction books enhance brain function and connectivity.



How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

  • Let them socialize. Since socializing with their teachers and classmates remain virtually, this does not mean they stop having meaningful conversations and even light banter with them. Studies show that the feeling of loneliness triggers a cognitive decline. The feeling of isolation that the pandemic has brought about may be more apparent for children. Allow your children to continue communicating with their friends through monitored social media use, since they may become stressed and depressed from the “new normal.” Together with their friends, why not introduce them to new skills and experiences, beyond what they have been normally doing. If they are younger kids, do some virtual fun games, join online art classes, or visit virtual zoos from other countries. Older kids can try visiting museums or watching documentaries they can discuss. How about a book club where they choose a book to read and discuss the characters and story later on?



How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

  • Mindful meditation sessions can be something interesting too. This can be done as a family, where quiet time means exploring and appreciating silence.
  • Speaking of silence, make sure your children get enough sleep. It is important to get a proper eye shut to rest the mind. The brain benefits from sleep because it is during sleep that energy is stored and be more available. Distractions and new inputs are fewer, and there is more time for productive study sessions.



EEG Devices that help boost children’s minds

How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

The shift from in-classroom to virtual learning may have affected children’s cognitive skills. But there are solutions to address the negative effects on children. Studies have shown that using EEG (electroencephalogram) devices to play brain training games is also an effective solution. The Neeuro SenzeBand is a revolutionary EEG headband capable of safely measuring and tracking attention, focus, mental workload, and relaxation levels. Paired with Memorie, an app that trains your five cognitive skills – attention, memory, decision making, spatial ability, and cognitive flexibility, your child’s cognitive skills are polished and improved, despite the challenges that virtual learning is presented.



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How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

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