2021 continues to be the year where online learning remains to be the default teaching platform. Adapting and adjusting to digital classes can be challenging for children, parents, and even teachers. Some of the ways that students and teachers can quickly adapt to digital learning are through mobile applications built specifically for virtual learning. These applications continue to rise in number because of the increased demand for virtual learning.


Best Supplemental Learning Apps in 2021

There are hundreds of educational apps available today and it could be a struggle to choose which ones will be best to supplement your learning. If you already know which skills and subjects your children need to enhance, then that’s a good reference as to which apps will be the best for them. But if would want to access the best supplemental learning apps to help your kids with virtual education, it’s time to check out the list of best learning apps below.

supplemental learning apps

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was one of the first online learning platforms available. Aside from the traditional school subjects being available for reading, it features 3,400 short instructional videos allowing learners to know that they can fill in almost any of their “gaps”.

With apps available for download on mobile, you can now enjoy the videos made digestible in minute chunks. Khan Academy videos feature a conversational teaching approach that can facilitate traditional learning and provide anyone a deeper understanding of the subject. It is a powerful supplemental learning app that can be extended to any learning environment for groups or individuals, and all you need is a smartphone with an Internet connection!

supplemental learning apps


Quizzes are created to sustain brain activities in answering questions under time pressure. Kahoot provides fun and excitement at the same time since it promotes interactive learning that lets users compete with others by joining live quizzes!

What a way to increase one’s network, knowledge, and critical thinking skills!

supplemental learning apps


Goodreads has a wide selection of books from stories to skills-related ones that will definitely capture the attention of learners from various age brackets. It’s a free app that helps to get your reading habit on. It is a 5-star app as its scope is very wide and can easily fit anyone’s learning needs!

Neeuro Memorie

Wouldn’t it be amazing if students can enhance various aspects of their brains? With Memorie, it is possible! 

Used with the Neeuro SenzeBand, the Memorie App features a collection of games that are designed to enhance your attention, memory, decision making, spatial ability, and cognitive flexibility. Each game is backed by scientific research and proven to help the brain’s cognitive skills. 

supplemental learning apps

Memorie also has cute graphics, entertaining music, and fun challenges per level! This is why this app is highly rated by many on Google Play and the App Store and has an average rating of almost 5 stars! Here’s why parents and teachers should choose Memorie App as the best app for supplemental learning:

  1. Memorie App enhances  attention retention during online classes 
  2. It’s a set of games that enhance cognitive skills without pressuring students through its interactive gameplay
  3. It’s fun, easy to use- and is also entertaining for adults
  4. It can help students relax while developing their cognitive abilities
  5. It’s accessible- just download it and play!

It’s best to choose the appropriate learning app for your child without adding the stress and pressure they already possess due to the challenges of virtual learning. Help them cope and learn better through Memorie.

Download Memorie today and start training your child’s cognitive skills!

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