It’s no secret that the digital age disrupts the human world positively and negatively. Positive in the sense that it opened doors for better information dissemination, communication, and industrial advancements. For children, the excessive usage of gadgets could be causing them to miss out on physical activities including helpful brain exercises.

There are several brain exercises you and your children must try not only to keep them from being online too much but also to develop their brains during its crucial stages.

Are there effective brain exercises to assist you and your child’s brain development? Of course, there are! Some of these games are around for a long time but are unnoticed due to the availability of technology. Teachers and parents should not forget how vital it is to let young minds take a break, too. But parents should not be worried as breaks are beneficial when it’s done properly, and that is in the form of brain exercises.

Why Brain Exercises Are Important for Learning

Brain exercises are a must for everyone as it’s their break from studying hard without disrupting their brain development, unlike smartphone usage. It helps refresh their minds, revitalize focus, and reboot emotional and cognitive abilities.

These brain exercises will not only help enhance their cognitive skills but can also improve other brain functions and increase people skills which are substantial as they grow into adults.

What are the Best Brain Exercises for Learning?

Best Brain Exercises for Learning

Memory Games

Memory games target memory retention. This game has symbols or items shown, hidden, and moved from its original places. Players have to be quick in remembering where the object is to find it again. It’s cool, exciting, promotes teamwork, and improves focus. Memory games are a must even for adults!


A parlor game? Well yes! It is fun, tricky, and crazy in a great way! It promotes mind and body coordination as players have to be creative in finding ways to describe the subjects drawn out from a bowl. It is one of the best games to do even in classrooms as it promotes brain relaxation, stress relief, and teamwork!

Crossword and Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles such as these are great brain exercises. It helps improve focus, the accuracy of organizational and cognitive skills, and infuses players with new vocabularies or knowledge. Plus, this game never gets old and it’s advised to use this brain exercise up to senior years to prevent or slow down brain degeneration!

The Best Brain Exercises Can Be Played Digitally

If you are not fond of traditional games, why not play it digitally?

Neeuro’s Memorie app is one of the most popular brain exercises apps on a digital platform today. It’s never too late for you and your children to start your journey to digital brain exercises!

Try having fun with the Memorie app – the game infused with brain exercises and excitement!

aWhat are the Best Brain Exercises for Learning?

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