The debate about whether the right brain or left brain is more dominant doesn’t seem to end. But the truth is, both brain sides are functional- they just control different capabilities of our body such as the ability to speak, move muscles, etc. As a result, both sides of the brain will need to be developed as both sides are responsible for shaping individual personalities.

Your Dominant Brain: Does it really exist?

Studies suggest that creative and artistic people have a dominant right brain. On the other hand, a left-brain dominant think in an analytical and methodological way which is said to be useful in studying math and sciences.

Determining whether a student is a left-brain dominant or not will make it easier for educators to select lessons that will suit the two groups. Here are some signs to know if you are left-brain dominant:

  • Can remember things better
  • Have an interest in problem-solving
  • Choose to analyze things first
  • Set goals and try to accomplish them in order
  • Find it easy to process instructions and information
  • Tend to be more organized

left brain
left brain

How Brain Dominance Affects Teaching Approach

A class is composed of students with a variety of talents, capabilities, and expertise. Knowing which brain is dominant in students can influence their study habits. There are things that will be easier to understand for a right-brain dominant which will then be a bit of a struggle for a left-brain dominant.

For right-brain dominant students, it’s advisable to let them explore their social skills as they are great at reading people, assessing characters, and can easily remember faces. Introducing them to music will also help them focus more on their studies.

Teachers can give them activities that will trigger their imagination and creativity such as role-plays, essay writing, etc. Since right-brain dominants tend to be spontaneous, they may get distracted or lose track of time so it is a good thing to keep a list and a scheduler to not miss out on assignments.

For left-brain dominant students, it’s easier to remember dates, solve math problems, reasoning, and they do not let emotions get in the way. Most students with a dominant left brain naturally excel in math and science. It’s advised to let them study in a peaceful environment, take on math challenges, science activities, and try not to be scared of being creative like right-brain dominance.

Memorie: Technology to Help Improve Right and Left Brain Dominant People

Knowing which brain is dominant in a person can assist them in selecting study habits, activities to shape them, and what goals they should set. Note that even though they differ a lot, it’s crucial for both to enhance the dominant brain.

An unusual yet scientifically-built way to hone the dominant brain is through Neeuro’s Memorie App. Composed of various entertaining games infused with scientific research to help assist both right-brain and left-brain dominant students (even adults) develop their cognitive abilities. Through extensive research, clinical trials, technological advancements, and medical science, Memorie App is proven to increase the mental focus and attention of students.

If you want to continuously support your child’s dominant brain’s development, it’s about time to check out the Memorie App!

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