The digital platform for education has not been given as much importance as the past year, when the global health crisis pushed governments to find ways to ensure that learning continues, despite the challenges and restrictions.


What governments in Asia are doing

In Asia, various platforms were set up for children’s education not to be disrupted.

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In China, through the China Education Network Television, lessons for different education levels were broadcast on television. The National Network Cloud-Perform for Educational Resources and Public Service provides free teaching and learning resources for primary and secondary school students.

Singapore has the Singapore Student Learning Space, an E-learning portal from the Ministry of Education, that provides online learning materials and support for teachers.

The Philippines’ Department of Education immediately setup an online platform for public school teachers, called DepEd Commons, which supports distance learning modalities to continue the delivery of basic education. DepEd TV was also created which produced lessons broadcast on television to students across the country, taught by Teacher-Broadcasters who were trained by broadcast professionals.

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Thailand, meanwhile, created the Digital Learning Centre, an online learning platform developed by OPEC, or the Office of Private Education Commission, which provides education through the internet to the general public and all elementary and secondary students. Their Educational TV Channel is an educational content broadcast on TV channels from kindergarten to high school students.

Are students adapting?

All these endeavors have compelled students to adapt to online learning modalities, which for most, were fairly difficult.  The sudden shift from face-to-face or traditional classroom learning, to sitting in front of a computer, laptop, or tablet has not been the easiest for school children.

selective attentionWatching their teachers in a small box teaching them critical subject matters in various ways, to catch their selective attention for hours in a day may spark restlessness in the long run, and lose their focus. Not being able to see their classmates, albeit just through online classes, may have also affected their mental health, as they have been confined in their homes for more than a year.

Virtual learning, in the middle of a pandemic, may be critical for most school children, so it is imperative that teachers and parents are mindful of the way the children are coping, from how they fare in their lessons, to how focused they are during online classes, and even after classes when they may or may not share how they feel.

Distance learning tools for Selective Attention and Focus

Cognitive tools are readily available to assist in distance learning. During these unprecedented times of adjustments in education, fun learning solutions may be the answer for students to look forward to the new normal in education.

selective attentionNeeuro has collaborated with renowned research institutes and professionals to develop modern methods that give students a head start in training their minds for selective attention, improved memory, and developing sharper minds. Workshops, health talks, and even brain training sessions are also possible through NeeuroFIT for Children, which enhances cognitive abilities.

Finding the silver lining in distance learning

And with governments stepping up their distance learning programs, virtual education may now be advantageous, especially with teachers and professionals continuously honing their skills and being experts in presenting courses and materials to learners. Despite the challenges that virtual learning initially presented, students may now be more confident, focused and ready, and with sharper minds.


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