Memory loss occurs only to adults, or so we think. It’s maybe hard to imagine but children suffer from memory loss, too. Children’s Memory is crucial especially today.

Neurological conditions leading to memory loss in children are similar to those of adults—traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, autism, cognitive impairments, attention issues, and learning disabilities.

The most common symptoms of memory loss in children are forgetfulness, cognitive impairment and general impaired memory. And children who suffer may be sensitive to noise or light or go to the extreme of experiencing seizure, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, or even depression. Another cause is due to special needs.

Seeing children go through all these can be alarming, simply because we view children as having a long time ahead of them, to be enjoying most of life. Thus, parents are very careful about their children’s mental health.

It can also be that these are just working memory issues in our children, which can be improved by consistently building and working on memory boosters for them.

Research in pediatrics also highlights how to strengthen memory in children, especially those with special needs. An article on Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that provides assistance and support to 3,000 individuals with special needs, has listed several ways to do this. Dr. Judy Willis, a neurologist, writes in Psychology Today several methods that encourage us to be our child’s memory coach.

We have compiled these into 7 tips to help improve your child’s memory:

1. Make it a habit! The Mayo Clinic’s Habit Program helps people with memory challenges to develop a training program to help improve their memory. Tasks as concepts are broken down into steps and the parent can model each step for easy participation from the child.

2. Schedule! Make a schedule of words, symbols and pictures. Journaling is a big help in making and sticking to a schedule; adding novelty to your schedule habits will also help strengthen your memory.

#2 Tip to Boost Child's Memory

3. Photographs as Memories – Click away! Taking many photos with our cameras and cellphone have now become normal habit. Photos document moments, thus help in remembering.

#3 Tip for Boosting Child's Memory

4. Move! Encourage family exercise. Daily exercises improve cognitive function and memory. Walk around the park, run at your own pace, bike, play ball.

#5 Tip for Boosting Child's Memory

5. Relax, destress, breathe! Health and wellness is always the key, so make sure our kids take time to relax. Even meditation, yoga, and spiritual habits help strengthen our cognitive functions.

6. Be Creative! It’s proven many times that having a creative outlet such as writing, photography, painting tends to reduce stress and increase memory retrieval. Be colorful, be creative. There are no rules!

#6 Tip for Boosting Child's Memory

7. Play Games! Memory games and exercises are considered welcome breaks that help your child achieve a healthier mind, and thus improve their memory. Neeuro has products designed to address these concerns.

Show our love to our kids by being involved and by being good examples to them. These easy tips are manageable and achievable.  We do want to have healthy and smart kids so let us continue to inspire and encourage them.

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