Father’s Day is coming soon and most of us are usually at a loss as to what best to give to our dads (or husband, brother, favorite uncle) that he does not have yet, or something he would not just appreciate, but will be able to maximize its uses toward a healthier mind and body.

We have gathered at least 5 inexpensive gift suggestions that are not difficult to purchase and which may also be used or consumed by the other family members (yes, not exclusive to males!)

1.NOTEBOOK (and throw in that personalized pen too, will you?) – while most of our dads may have their date planners, a notebook (fancy, simple, lined, unlined), may be appreciated as a tool to not just write down notes during meetings, but also maybe doodle on them, write business ideas, articles in books and newspapers he may need for work, and even as a personal diary for those who enjoy (and are not embarrassed) to write down their thoughts. Handwriting, after all, is a good brain exercise, as we have previously written here.

2. FRUIT BASKET – you are what you eat, right? For those who do not have much time to scour the stores for an apt gift, why not put together a good mix of fruits which Dad can munch, and make his body healthier and his mind sharper. Fruits have antioxidants, high-fiber, which help reduce cholesterol, diabetes, promote a healthier heart, helps protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and are the best snack foods (versus unhealthy chips and fries!).

3. NEEUROFIT BRAIN TRAINING – for a healthier mind, let your Dad try NeeuroFIT Brain Training to help improve quality of life through mental fitness! Neeuro provides modern solutions to brain training for seniors, professionals, and children, that ensures increasing cognitive potential to perform better, as it trains attention, logic, and other skills. NeeuroFIT improves and maintains skills of attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making, and cognitive flexibility. What a thoughtful gift this will be!

4. BICYCLE again, nothing fancy. It is the best way to encourage Dad to get up and exercise, take the bike for a run around the neighborhood, by the park, or to go pick up some groceries for home. If work is nearby, maybe he can also use this instead of a car! It is environmental-friendly, does not need gas, and definitely a great exercise machine.

5. YOGA MEMBERSHIP – yoga is a wonderful way to keep calm, amidst all the chaos of work, the (loving) noise at home, or the dreaded daily traffic. It does not even have to be a membership in a yoga class. It may be taken at home (which means all you need to give Dad is a yoga mat and DVD). This article lists the benefits of practicing mindful meditation, which promotes positivity and a happier disposition.

This list is our way of showing our love, appreciation, and devotion to the men in our lives. Dad, Pops, Papa, Father, thank you for being in our lives!


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