Are there really benefits to brain games for kids?

Like every other parent in Singapore, you’ve subscribed your child to every tuition centre that would take them and hired an army of celebrity tutors, each armed with a war chest of glowing testimonials from last year’s top PSLE scorers. Tuition seems to have upgraded to painkiller status, up from being a vitamin for so many years. Not conforming would seem to be doing a disservice to your child.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The struggle is real for modern day parents … and students, to the delight of private tutors. Now, what if there is a way to give your child what they want and improve their grades at the same time?

That’s where brain games for kids (brain training) comes in. It’s more than just a bunch of kids on iPads playing video games.
Here are 3 proven ways brain games for kids benefit your child:

Proven Ways Brain Games For Kids Benefit


The next time your child is kicking and screaming in Toys “R”Us for a new Lego set, you might just want to give in. Sure it may be worth a whole session of math with Mdm Tan, celebrity tutor extraordinaire, but the difference is that your kid will love it.

You see, all that block laying helps with spatial awareness, which allows your child to visualise complex shapes and angles. It’s a great skill to have when answering geometry questions and has been proven to correlate with a child’s math performance.

If your child keeps at it, they’ll probably be awesome at parking too, saving you a few thousand dollars in repairs when they inevitably try to parallel park with your precious car.

Proven Ways Brain Games For Kids Can Help Your Child - focus & memory


Being a student is tough now, all those formulas and quotes are enough to drive an average child into a stress induced ice cream binge. And if your child is unlucky enough to have to study Mandarin, forget the ice cream, your kid will probably be curled up into a ball and sniffling by the end of the year.

Brain training exercises “working memory”, which is basically your ability to process short-term memory quickly, make snap decisions, and communicate effectively. That means your children will be able to retain information better through training. In fact, brain training games have been proven to stimulate the parts of our brain where our memories are stored.

But if that’s too much of an investment for you right now, try out these 10 fun ways to improve your child’s memory!


I know what you’re probably thinking. “Sure or not? My kids still come home with Cs…” You’ll be happy to know that brain games for kids have been shown to help your kids score academically. A recent Argentinean study recruited 111 students from lower economic backgrounds who were unable to attend classes regularly and gave them the opportunity to play with brain games for kids, 15 minutes at a time up to 3 times a week for 15 weeks. Those who played regular games showed no improvement in their grades, while those who engaged in brain training actually managed to tie their test scores with regular school goers!

But before you start pulling your children out of the school system so you can upgrade to your new condominium, it’s important to know that brain training boosts the fluid intelligence of participants, which means that they were able to spend less time reaching the full understanding of a subject.

With the evidence in favour of brain games for kids, it may just be a good idea to jump aboard the train. It’s a fun activity that you won’t actually have to force your children to do! We even invited some kids over to Neeuro to have a go at cognitive training, playing brain games for kids and it was a blast! Watch the video and find out what happened!


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