The holiday season has settled down, trees and decorations are being put away, visiting family members have gone back home, work or school awaits (boo!), and yes, it is that time of the year again for resolutions and reassessments of what has been, and looking forward to what will be and should be.

Review your 2015, say goodbye to what you do not need anymore, and welcome back to your arms things that will make you better and healthier:

Things to Throw

1.Toxic People, Bye!

Have there been bullies in your life, those who are ultra negative, weigh you down, make you feel worthless, do not appreciate and take advantage of your kindness, your time, your love; well, trash them. Definitely not needed in your life. Maybe there are some who are “tough loving” you, to keep you straight on your path, to push you harder – your parents, partner, friend/s. As long as you know they do these to help you become a better person, then keep them. But if they are fleeting friends who make you miserable. do not bother. Not having them in your life will not affect you at all.

2.  Vices, Sayonara!

Smoking, gambling, binge drinking, whatever your vices are, it is time to realize that there are people surrounding you who are greatly affected by those vices, whether physically (second hand smoke is a killer, you know), financially (where did the TV go, honey??), psychologically (joining AA is no fun). Time to ditch those. Difficult, but think bad breath, broke, drunk. Please do not wait until X-rays come, medical and other bills pile, or you have to enter rehab because of being irresponsible. Do not self-destruct.Time to stop. Now. Thank you.

3. Leave me Alone, Sleeplessness!

You are no Superman or Superwoman to insist that 3-4 hours of sleep after a grueling work day, beating deadlines, doing chores at home or socializing with friends, will suffice for you. Beauty sleep is precisely called that because well, it makes you beautiful – outside, and more importantly, inside. The recommended number of hours is 6-7 a night, with no distractions, for you to optimize your brain health. Now who does not want that? Read this top ten sleep benefits:

Top 10 Sleep Benefits

4. Stress, Go away!

Your boss hands you ten tasks to be accomplished in two hours with no help whatsoever, you only had few hours sleep (see 3), you did not get a decent breakfast, and your heel broke while rushing to work. Oh and when you get home you have to make dinner for the kids! And wait, is today your anniversary or tomorrow? Breathe! You are contributing to a worse you, not a healthier you. Take a few minutes and walk away, clear your head. Relax your mind. Do a quick yoga. Yoga or mindful meditation is a healer; it brings down your blood pressure, makes you calmer, and kinder. Who knows, it will make you remember your exact anniversary date.

5. Clutter, I do not need you!

Is your closet full of clothes you have not worn for years? Do you have piles of magazines and papers that are collecting dust? Do you have bills that are ten years and older that you still keep? Throw them now. Clutter is not just physical, it is also those toxic relationships you still have in your life, the bad habits you have, things that do not contribute to your better self. Get rid of them. They say that clutter is postponed decisions. Decide to de-clutter immediately.

So, here is a checklist again of what we need to get rid of (and add as you wish):

Ten Things to Throw & Keep for a Healthier You

Things to Keep

6. Welcome back, Good People!

Are you surrounded by positive people, those who pull you up and help you become a better person, who influence and inspire you, compliment you and at the same time, constructively criticize you when necessary? Keep them. They have made you a kind person, laughed with you and cried with you, offered their shoulder, their time, kept you company physically or virtually. Keepers. They are good for the soul. And for karaoke.

7. Nice to meet you, New Learnings!

In the past year, did you soar, improve, get promoted, have a career shift for the better; or was your professional life mediocre? Did you learn something new, (by reading more books, attending seminars, talking to influencers), do something different (learn how to make infographics or write a company blog). Are you willing to take in new learnings that make a better you? Go ahead. It is never too late to learn something new, so that you may apply it to your personal and professional life. After all, as Kahlil Gibran said, “a little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.”

8. Glad to see you again, Good Eats!

Good eats are good food and healthy eating habits. Nourishing your body with healthy and proper diet is equivalent to being a responsible and loving member of the family and society. Why so? By being healthy, you are able to care for your own needs, the family’s needs, and being able to function well in society. You do not need to spend for doctors, medicines, hospitals, thereby, contributing to your savings, having a better future. So junk the junk food, avoid binge eating, eat in moderation. Are the good and healthy food expensive? Not at all, In fact, why not consider growing your own food. Slow food, the global movement being advocated, reminds us to go back to our tradition of preparing our food in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high quality locally sourced ingredients. If you can’t grow your food, at least support your farmers. They, after all, feed you the brain food you definitely need.

9. Embrace me, Opportunities!

By being aware of tons of opportunities surrounding yourself, you give a chance for a better you. Opportunities come in different packages. It’s either there for you for the taking, or you create it. Just try not to miss them. Is there an opportunity to travel? Go! Is there an opportunity to learn a new instrument? Take it! Anything that contributes to creating an authentic and better you, that helps you become happier and healthier, do not skip that chance. Age is no issue too, remember that!

 Ten Things to Throw 2 - 2-min

10. Hola, Good Habits!

What habits do you have that you want to keep doing, and get better at? It is those good habits that make you a better person. You feel strong, mentally and physically, when you regularly exercise. Moving — whether going to the gym or taking a walk around the park with your kids, with your dog, with a friend, or alone, these contribute to a healthier you. Reading not only hones your knowledge power but also sharpens your memory. Writing in your journal — whether a diary, gratitude journal, or just notes for work or school, is recommended brain exercise. Giving back to your community, volunteering your time and talent, has an immeasurable sense of fulfillment. Things that contribute to a healthy body and a healthier mind should be mindfully done, embraced, welcomed, and improved!

Ten Things to Throw & Keep for a Healthier You

Let this new year be the best time for a better you. After all, healthy body, healthier mind, happier life, don’t you agree?

(photo credits: Gina Lumauig & Cha Munar)

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